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Commentary: Affordable Care Act Could Benefit Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

As this country moves into a new era of how we approach the treatment, prevention and administration of illness, we must keep the rubric of co-occurring disorders at the forefront, says Andrew Kessler of IC&RC.

DEA Focuses on Drug Distributors in Fight Against Painkiller Abuse

The Drug Enforcement Administration is focusing on drug distributors in an effort to fight prescription painkiller abuse, The New York Times reports. In the past, the agency has tried tactics including arresting doctors and closing pharmacies.

Tobacco Companies Object to Corrective Statements on Cigarette Packaging

U.S. tobacco manufacturers objected on Monday to the requirement that they run corrective ads about the dangers of smoking. They told a federal judge they should not be forced to tell the public they lied about the health effects of “light” cigarettes, or that they manipulated nicotine levels to make cigarettes more addictive.

“American Medicine Chest Challenge” Raises Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse

A health campaign called the “American Medicine Chest Challenge” aims to educate the public about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The campaign also provides safe options for disposing of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

OxyContin Maker Works to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion

The company that manufactures OxyContin is using a variety of ways to combat the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs. Purdue Pharma is monitoring drug counterfeiting and Internet distribution, analyzing pharmacy robberies and thefts, tracking the drug supply chain, and using unique tablet markings, reports.

U.S. Government Asks Court to Rehear Challenge to FDA’s Graphic Cigarette Labels

The U.S. Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court to rehear a case about the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement that tobacco companies place graphic labels on cigarette packages to warn about smoking’s health dangers. In August, a three-judge appeals court panel affirmed a lower court ruling that blocked the mandate.

“Red Ribbon Week” October 23-31 Raises Awareness About Drug Prevention

The 27th annual “Red Ribbon Week,” October 23-31, will raise awareness about drug prevention around the country. Families can get involved this year by entering a contest to promote awareness in their neighborhoods, and win a drug prevention grant for their children’s school.

Marines Cited for Drunk Driving Required to Participate in New Program

Marines cited for drunk driving and other drinking-related incidents will be required to participate in a new program that focuses on early intervention, according to the Marine Corps Times.

Two Million Tons of Prescription Drugs Collected on DEA’s Drug Take-Back Days

The Drug Enforcement Administration has collected a total of two million pounds of unused prescription medications during its five National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days, the agency announced Thursday.

Government Launches Online Program to Help Doctors Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has launched a new online training program to help doctors prescribe opioids more safely and effectively. The program’s goal is to reduce prescription drug abuse, The Boston Globe reports.

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