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FedEx, UPS Say They Are Targets of DEA Probe Into Online Pharmacy Shipments

FedEx and UPS say they are targets of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation into online pharmacy shipments, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Measures to Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Advance in Texas, Kansas

Bills that would require drug testing for welfare applicants advanced in Texas and Kansas this week.

New York Mayor Wants to Establish Minimum Prices for Cigarettes, Little Cigars

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who last week proposed requiring stores to keep tobacco products out of sight, also seeks to establish a minimum price for cigarettes and little cigars, The New York Times reports.

Commentary: Rx Summit Features More Than 120 Presenters

More than 120 presenters are set to lead a national discussion about ways to Make An Impact on the prescription drug abuse epidemic when the 2013 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit convenes in Florida April 2-4, says Karen Kelly of Operation Unite.

Florida Sees Significant Drop in Number of Oxycodone Deaths in First Half of 2012

The number of deaths due to oxycodone decreased by 29 percent in Florida in the first six months of 2012, compared with the second half of the previous year, according to a new report.

Florida House Committee Passes Bill to Ban 27 Substances Used in Designer Drugs

The Florida House Judiciary Committee this week passed a bill that would add 27 substances to the list of controlled substances that are banned in the state. The bill aims to make it more difficult for makers of synthetic drugs to manufacture their products.

Legislators Introduce Bill to Strengthen Restrictions on Hydrocodone

A bipartisan group of legislators introduced a bill that would tighten restrictions on hydrocodone, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Safe Prescribing Act of 2013 follows recommendations made in January by a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel.

Report Finds Child Poisoning Often Results From Pills Found in Purses and on Floor

A new report finds small children who end up in the emergency room after being accidentally poisoned from medication are more likely to find the pills in a mother’s purse or the floor than the family medicine cabinet.

Government Won’t Fight for Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

The U.S. government will not fight for graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, and will instead create new anti-smoking ads, Reuters reports.

New York Mayor Proposes Keeping Cigarettes Out of Sight in Stores

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed keeping cigarettes out of sight in city stores, the Associated Press reports. The proposal is designed to discourage smoking among young people, he said.

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