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Prescription Painkiller Prescribing Dropped After New Kentucky Law Implemented

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced this week that the number of doses of opioid painkillers that were prescribed in the state have dropped in the last year, since he signed a new law designed to cut down on prescription drug abuse.

Law Aimed at Reducing Drunken Boating Signed by Illinois Governor

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed a law aimed at reducing the number of people who operate a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Group Suggests Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

The national association representing pharmacy benefits managers, which administer prescription drug plans for more than 210 million Americans, has released recommendations aimed at reducing prescription drug abuse and fraud in Medicare.

Survey Finds 82% of Adults Support Banning Smoking in Cars With Children

A new survey finds 82 percent of American adults say they support a ban on smoking in cars that are carrying children younger than 13.

Arkansas Health Officials Focus on Reducing Prescription Drug Overdoses

Arkansas is focusing on reducing prescription drug overdoses, which account for about one death daily in the state. State officials are working with health providers, law enforcement and educators to reduce abuse rates, according to the Associated Press.

Doctors Concerned About Pain Medication Overdose Deaths Require Drug Tests

An increasing number of doctors who treat chronic pain are requiring their patients who take opioids to submit to urine drug tests. The doctors are trying to avoid being held responsible if patients die from painkiller overdoses, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Family Warnings About Binge Drinking Can Influence College Students’ Alcohol Use

College students who hear warnings about binge drinking from family or friends are more likely to be concerned about their own alcohol use, compared with their classmates who don’t hear such advice, a new study suggests.

Teen-Targeted Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign Focuses on Digital, Social Media

The “Above the Influence” drug and alcohol prevention campaign, formerly funded through federal money, will shift from expensive television ads to lower-cost digital and social media campaigns, The New York Times reports. The campaign will concentrate on reaching teens where they spend time, such as Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Commentary: After Legalization, Regulation

Majorities of voters in both Colorado and Washington State passed ballot initiatives approving marijuana for recreational use this past November, and in each state, lawmakers have struggled to implement a post-legalization regulatory framework that makes sense, and that protects children and teens.

Yoga-Based Breathing Techniques Can Help Reduce Teen Impulsive Behavior: Study

A four-week stress-reduction program that includes yoga-based breathing techniques can help teens gain better control of their impulsive behavior, a new study suggests. The researchers say lack of impulsivity control in teens is associated with substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

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