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Florida Panel to Propose Steps to Reduce Number of Babies Exposed to Opioids

A task force of doctors, legislators and public health advocates in Florida are set to make recommendations to reduce the number of newborns exposed to opioids.

Parents More Important Than School in Preventing Use of Alcohol, Marijuana Use

A new study concludes that parental involvement is more important than the school environment in preventing or limiting children’s use of alcohol or marijuana.

Tennessee Will Require Hospitals to Report Babies Born to Drug-Dependent Mothers

Hospitals in Tennessee will be required to report babies exposed to drugs prenatally, under a measure that takes effect in 2013.

Moderate Levels of Drinking in Pregnancy Linked With Lower IQ in Children

A new study suggests even moderate drinking in pregnancy can result in lower IQ levels in children.

Majority of Smoking Parents Expose Kids to Tobacco Smoke in Car

A new study finds a majority of parents who smoke expose their children to tobacco smoke in their cars. Many of these parents have smoke-free policies at home, CBS News reports.

Parental Monitoring Can Help Overcome Teens’ Genetic Predisposition to Drinking

Parents who closely monitor their teens’ behavior and friends can help counteract their children’s genetic predisposition to an alcohol use disorder, a new study indicates.

Mother’s Smoking Not Linked to Children’s Substance Abuse

Mothers’ smoking during pregnancy probably does not lead to substance abuse in their children, as earlier studies suggested, according to researchers at Indiana University.

Maine Sees Increase in Foster Care Due to Parents’ Bath Salts Abuse

Maine is seeing an increase in the number of children placed in foster care due to their parents’ abuse of bath salts, MPBN reports.

“Red Ribbon Week,” National Drug Prevention Campaign, Kicks Off Tuesday

“Red Ribbon Week,” a national drug prevention campaign, begins Tuesday with a national contest for families to promote awareness in their neighborhoods, and win a drug prevention grant for their children’s school.

Becoming a Mother May Alter Females’ Response to Cocaine, Rat Study Suggests

A new study on rats suggests the experience of becoming a mother may change a female’s response to cocaine, dampening the drug’s effects.

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