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Children of Divorced Parents More Likely to Smoke as Adults, Study Finds

Children of divorced parents are more likely to smoke when they reach adulthood, compared with their peers whose parents have stayed together, a new study finds.

Some Toddlers of Women Who Used Meth in Pregnancy Show Abnormal Stress Response

Toddlers of women who used methamphetamine in pregnancy, who live in an unstable home environment, appear to have an abnormal response to stress, a new study suggests.

Report Finds Child Poisoning Often Results From Pills Found in Purses and on Floor

A new report finds small children who end up in the emergency room after being accidentally poisoned from medication are more likely to find the pills in a mother’s purse or the floor than the family medicine cabinet.

Children of Women With Alcohol Disorder in Pregnancy Have Greater SIDS Risk

Children whose mothers are diagnosed with an alcohol disorder in pregnancy, or within a year after giving birth, are three times more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, compared with infants whose mothers do not have an alcohol disorder, a new study finds.

Children More Likely to Accept Drug Use if Parents Admit Past Substance Use

Middle school students are less likely to think using drugs is bad if their parents told them about their own past substance use, a new study finds.

Indoor Smoking Bans May Lead to Lower Rates of Preterm Birth: Study

Laws that ban smoking in enclosed public places may result in lower preterm birth rates, a new study suggests.

Florida Task Force on Prescription Drug Abuse and Newborns Releases Report

A task force of doctors, public health experts and social workers in Florida has released a report designed to combat the growing problem of babies born to mothers who are addicted to prescription drugs.

Many Parents Not Concerned About Children’s Misuse of Narcotic Pain Medicines

A survey of parents finds just one-third are very concerned about the misuse of prescribed narcotic pain medicine by children and teens in their community, according to HealthDay. Only one-fifth are very concerned about the misuse of these drugs in their own families.

Military Deployment Increases Risk of Substance Abuse in Young Family Members

Having a parent or sibling who has been deployed in the military increases the risk of drug and alcohol use among middle and high school students, a new study finds.

Children in Kentucky Pay Price for Parents’ Prescription Drug Abuse

More than 86,000 children in Kentucky are being raised by someone other than a biological parent, and prescription drug abuse is largely to blame, community leaders say.

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