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Commentary: Drinking and the College Experience

For four years of high school, most adults were against teen drinking. They would ground us, punish us, deactivate our cell phones and take away our car keys if they suspected kids were drinking. But after graduation, the adults I know now tell me that drinking is important for the “college experience,” observes one incoming college freshman.

Children Breathe in Less Secondhand Smoke Today—Unless They Have Asthma

Children today are exposed to significantly less secondhand smoke than they were a decade ago—unless they have asthma, according to a new government report.

Teens More Likely to Smoke if Parents Were Smokers, Even if They Quit Long Ago

Teens whose parents have ever smoked are more likely to become smokers, even if their parents quit before they were born, according to a new study. Teens with an older sibling who smokes are also more likely to start using cigarettes.

Mother’s High-Fat, Sugary Diet Could Raise Child’s Risk of Substance Abuse: Rat Study

Mothers who consume a high-fat, high-sugar diet during pregnancy may be more likely to have children with an increased vulnerability to drug or alcohol abuse, a study of rats suggests.

Economic Status Early in Life May Influence Smoking, Drinking Patterns

Young adults who grew up in poverty are more likely to smoke than their peers who grew up in more economically secure homes, but they are less likely to binge drink, a new study suggests.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Drops in Pregnant Women, While Drug Treatment Rises

The percentage of pregnant women in substance abuse treatment programs who were being treated for alcohol abuse decreased between 2000 and 2010, according to a new government report. During the same decade, the percentage of pregnant women in these programs being treated for drug abuse rose.

Pediatricians Can Help Parents Quit Smoking: Study

Pediatricians can help parents quit smoking, a new study suggests.

Study Links Smoking in Pregnancy with Children’s Behavior Problems

An analysis of studies suggests children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are more likely to have conduct problems later in life, such as getting into fights or having attention difficulties, compared with children of nonsmoking mothers.

Most Women Who Drink Before Pregnancy Continue While Pregnant

Most women who drink before becoming pregnant continue consuming alcohol throughout their pregnancy, Australian researchers have found.

Parents Who Support Easing Marijuana Laws Want it Illegal for Those Under 21

A new survey finds many parents favor either legalizing marijuana for recreational use, or decriminalizing the drug, while 70 percent support legalizing medical marijuana. Most parents say the legal age for marijuana use should be 21, USA Today reports.

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