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Tennessee Governor Signs “I Hate Meth Act”

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed the “I Hate Meth Act,” which classifies preparing methamphetamine in front of a child as aggravated child endangerment.

Father’s Smoking May Lead to Daughter’s Earlier Menopause

The smoking habits of fathers may influence the timing of their daughters’ menopause, a new study suggests. Japanese researchers found that a woman whose father smoked, while her mother was pregnant with her, may go through menopause about a year earlier than a woman whose father did not smoke.

Many New Jersey Parents Say Kids Get Alcohol and Prescription Drugs from Home

A new survey finds many New Jersey parents recognize that the main source for alcohol and prescription drugs may be their own home. More than 45 percent of parents surveyed said their children are getting alcohol from home, and three-quarters of parents said children get prescription and over-the-counter drugs from their own home or from a friend’s home.

Commentary: Do Parents Know Their Teens Best?

‘We had no idea that things were this bad.’ I hear that so often from parents when they find out their teen has been struggling with a mental health disorder. As parents, we are certain we know our kids better than anyone else. But mental health and substance abuse problems can be confusing and hard to detect, explains Laurie Flynn, Executive Director, TeenScreen National Center for Mental Health Checkups at Columbia University.

Florida Officials Want to Protect Babies of Women Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Florida officials met with health care executives last week to discuss how to protect babies born to women addicted to prescription drugs. An estimated 1,300 babies were treated for drug withdrawal in Florida in 2010, a 30 percent jump from the previous year.

Teen Drinking Linked With Increased Recreational Computer Time

Teenagers who drink alcohol spend more time on the computer each week on non-school activities, such as social networking and downloading music, compared with teens who don’t drink, a new study finds.

Boys Exposed to Secondhand Smoke Have Higher Blood Pressure, Study Suggests

Secondhand smoke appears to raise blood pressure in boys, but not girls, according to a new study. The findings suggest that the effects of tobacco smoke on the cardiovascular system begin at an early age.

School Nurse: It’s Not OK to Give Teens Alcohol for Prom and Graduation

Prom and graduation should be a time of pure joy for high school seniors and the people who love them. But every year, this season can also be a time of sadness for too many families due to increased opportunities for underage drinking and driving.

Tool May Allow Doctors to Assess Meth Impact on Babies Exposed Before Birth

A new assessment tool may allow doctors to evaluate the impact of methamphetamine on babies exposed in the womb. The tool may help identify which babies will go on to develop problems due to exposure to the drug, according to a new study.

Pregnant Women Living or Working with Smokers May Have Higher Risk of Stillbirth

Living or working with smokers may increase a pregnant woman’s risk of having a stillbirth, a new study suggests. Pregnant women who breathe in secondhand smoke are also more likely to give birth to babies who weigh less, compared to mothers not exposed to the smoke.

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