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High-Potency and Synthetic Marijuana Can Harm Developing Embryo’s Brain

High-potency marijuana, and the synthetic form of the drug, known as “K2” or “Spice,” can harm a developing embryo’s brain, a new study concludes.

Significant Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Can Lead to Growth Restrictions Up To Age 9

Prenatal alcohol exposure can affect a child’s growth up until age 9, a new study finds.

Almost 8 Percent of Pregnant Women Report Using Alcohol

Almost 8 percent of pregnant women report alcohol use, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tennessee Hospital Sees Spike in Babies Born With Opiate Withdrawal

In one neonatal intensive care unit in Tennessee, almost half of the babies are going through withdrawal from prescription pills, ABC News reports.

Men Who Smoke Before Conceiving Can Damage Fetal DNA, Study Suggests

A new study finds a link between DNA changes in the sperm of male smokers and genetic changes in their newborn children. The research suggests that these changes may increase children’s risk of developing genetic diseases.

Monetary Incentives Can Persuade Pregnant Women to Cut Back on Smoking

Pregnant women who are being treated for heroin dependence with methadone can be persuaded to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke through monetary incentives, a new study suggests.

Parents Find Talking With Kids About Drugs Complicated by Legalization Measures

Parents are finding it more difficult to have discussions with their children about why they shouldn’t use drugs, as a growing number of states are allowing medical marijuana, or considering legalizing recreational use of the drug, the Associated Press reports.

Pain Patches Slowly Catching On in U.S.

Pain patches are slowly gaining in popularity in the United States, where 88 percent of pain relief comes in the form of pills.

Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Bowel Disease if Baby Born Prematurely

Women who smoke during pregnancy raise the risk their baby will develop a severe, potentially life-threatening illness of the bowel if the infant is born prematurely, a new study suggests.

NY Senator Calls on Federal Government to Help Prevent Opioid Exposure in Newborns

New York Senator Charles Schumer has proposed steps the federal government should take to tackle the increasing problem of opioid exposure in newborns.

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