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Commentary: What to Do When You Notice Changes in Your Adolescent’s Behavior

As we prepare for holiday gatherings, longer breaks from school and home-bound college kids, a wary parent can be best equipped by taking time to become acquainted with the warning signs of drug and alcohol use and effective tactics to prevent and discuss substance use with an adolescent or young adult.

College Students’ Use of Fake IDs May Contribute to Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder

A study of college students finds false ID use may contribute to the risk of alcohol use disorder by making it easier for students to drink more frequently. The study found false IDs were used by almost two-thirds of students who had tried alcohol at least once before starting college.

High-Cost Cigarettes and Smoke-Free Homes Can Help Low-Income Smokers Quit

High-cost cigarettes and smoke-free homes reduce smoking among people with low incomes, a new study concludes. Cigarettes that cost $4.50 or more per pack are associated with lower cigarette use, researchers from the University of California, San Diego found.

California Lt. Governor and ACLU Team Up to Put Legalization on 2016 State Ballot

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is joining with the American Civil Liberties Union in an effort to craft a marijuana legalization measure, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The measure would go before California voters during the November 2016 election.

Ohio Legislators Urge More Stringent Standards for Prescribing Opioids

Legislators in Ohio, which has experienced a surge in opioid overdose deaths, are calling for stricter standards for prescribing opioids for pain, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Washington State Adopts Rules Governing Sale of Recreational Marijuana

Washington state approved rules this week for the recreational sale of marijuana, the Associated Press reports. The Washington Liquor Control Board, which adopted the rules, will issue licenses for up to 334 marijuana stores across the state.

Fraternity Group Opposes Bans on Freshman Rush Designed to Reduce Alcohol Deaths

A group that represents 75 national fraternities has been successful in opposing college rules that are designed to reduce alcohol-related deaths by postponing freshman recruiting, according to Bloomberg.

Half of Children Ages 6 to 19 Exposed to Secondhand Smoke: Study

An analysis of national data shows 53 percent of children ages 6 to 19 have been exposed to secondhand smoke. For children ages 6 to 11, even low levels of secondhand smoke were associated with more missed days of school, trouble sleeping, more wheezing and less physical activity.

Doctors in Illinois Suburb Put Number of Krokodil Cases at Five

Doctors in the Chicago suburb of Joliet say the number of people hospitalized with symptoms that suggest addiction to the flesh-eating drug krokodil has risen to five, CNN reports. Similar cases have been reported by health care providers in Arizona and Oklahoma.

Drinks Often Contain More Alcohol Than People Realize: Report

The alcohol content of beer and wine varies widely, meaning people often end up consuming more alcohol than they realize, according to a new report.

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