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JT Weekly- Other Headlines of Interest

Top headlines of the week from Friday, February 7- Thursday, February 13, 2014.

Commentary: What You Need to Know About Heroin Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death has focused attention on heroin addiction. Unfortunately, heroin addiction is on the rise from teens to older adults, says Dr. Barbara Krantz of the Hanley Center.

Government Officials Urge Increased Use of Naloxone to Reverse Heroin Overdoses

Government officials Tuesday urged first responders to increase their use of the drug naloxone to reverse overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.

Drug Companies Share Information with Anti-Doping Officials at Olympics

Large drug companies are helping officials at the Winter Olympics with anti-doping efforts, the Associated Press reports.

Americans Are Buying More Alcohol, Research Firm Finds

People are buying more alcohol for use at home, according to new figures from a market research firm. Spending on alcohol grew during every quarter over the last four years, indicating increased alcohol sales are not a weather-related trend.

Marijuana Delivery Services Spring Up in Washington State

Marijuana delivery services are springing up in Washington state, where recreational marijuana for adults is now legal, but state-run stores won’t start selling the drug for non-medical purposes until later this year.

Use of Heroin and Prescription Painkillers Have Become Integrated, Experts Say

A growing number of people switch back and forth between prescription painkillers and heroin, experts tell The New York Times. They call prescription opiates “heroin lite.”

Follow the Example of CVS and Quit Selling Tobacco: Senators to Other Drug Chains

Eight U.S. senators are urging other major drug store chains to follow the example of CVS, which announced last week it will no longer sell tobacco products by October.

Smoking Could Drop to 10 Percent or Lower, Some Health Officials Predict

A number of trends could combine to lower U.S. smoking rates from the current 18 percent, to 10 percent or less, health officials predict. Cigarette taxes, bans on smoking in public places and regulations on cigarette advertising could influence people’s perceptions of smoking, according to the Associated Press.

Merger of Hazelden and Betty Ford Center Approved

California has approved the merger of the Hazelden Foundation and the Betty Ford Center, the Star Tribune reports. The new organization will be called the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. It will be the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment organization.

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