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Colleges Target Alcoholic Energy Drinks

A number of colleges across the country are urging students to avoid what they consider a dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine in the increasingly popular alcoholic energy drink Four Loko, with some schools banning the drink’s consumption altogether.

NYC Sees Big Drop in Smoking Deaths Since Ban

Significant decreases in both the total number of smokers and the incidence of smoking-related deaths in New York City have occurred during the period since an aggressive anti-smoking campaign has been in effect.

Mich. Bans Alcoholic Energy Drinks

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (LCC) has banned the sale of alcoholic energy drinks, becoming the second state in the nation to do so.

Substance Abuse Coalition Closes after 11 Years

Good deeds and good work weren’t enough to keep the Historic Triangle Substance Abuse Coalition’s (HTSAC) doors open. The Virginia-based coalition ran out of grant funds last week and had to shut down.

Bold Board: Pa. Asks Distributors to Pull Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Citing numerous cases of alcohol poisoning in states across the country, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has formally asked the state’s 17,000 licensed beer distributors to stop selling high-alcohol energy drinks that are popular among college students.

Young Adult Smokers Dissuaded by Big Graphic Warnings, Plain Packaging

Smokers ages 18 to 30 could be convinced to give up cigarettes if branding information on cigarette packaging got smaller and graphic health warnings got larger, according to a new study from researchers in New Zealand.

Defeat of Calif. Legalization Initiative Highlights Poor Results for Marijuana Advocates

The much-watched California ballot initiative that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana and allowed local governments to regulate sales of the drug went down to defeat on Election Day, punctuating a day that also saw rejection of marijuana-related ballot items in a handful of other states.

Tobacco, Nicotine Good for Something After All: Pesticide

Turns out that researchers looking to help tobacco farmers have found a new use for tobacco and nicotine — as a pesticide.

Texas Rangers: A Class Act

Josh Hamilton The S.F. Giants have won the World Series, but the Texas Rangers have won our respect.

Alcohol Ranked Most Harmful Drug

A group of British scientific experts has concluded that when combining its effects on the individual and on society, alcohol far outpaces other substances as the most harmful drug.

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