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NIAAA Grants for Alcohol Treatment, Services, Recovery Research


The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) will award grants under its R01 and R03 research funding mechanisms for projects that “propose to support research on behavioral and pharmacological treatment for alcohol use disorders; organizational, financial, and management factors that facilitate or inhibit the delivery of services for alcohol-use disorders; and phenomenon of recovery from alcohol use disorders.”

The Alcohol Use Disorders: Treatment, Services Research, and Recovery grants are open to nonprofit groups, for-profit entities, schools, government agencies, tribal organizations, and public housing authorities.

For more details, see the full grant announcement online.

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  1. Avatar of Molly Tarbet
    Molly Tarbet / March 27, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I am a recovering alcoholic with 7 months of sobriety. I have a sponsor, work the 12 steps, go to meetings and give back to others. In addition, I have gone back to work and found stable housing. I have turned my life around completely after enduring a terrible and traumatic few years of the prison of addiction. My recovery is my foremost priority and always will be. My problem is that in order to get sober, I went to three different residential treatment centers in the last two years. I am thankful for what each of those places and people taught me and helped me in my recovery process however, insurance covered very little of the expense of treatment and now I am literally paralyzed by my credit card debt because that was my only choice, death or rehab and the only way I could pay for rehab was to put the cost on my credit card. Now I have maxed out my credit cards and can’t make the monthly payments and my interest rate is 14%. At this rate, I will never be able to get out from under my debt, my credit will be poor due to maxing out my cards and I won’t be able to enjoy all the wonderful things my new life has to offer like buying a home and starting a family and volunteering in my community to help others fight their way out of addiction.

    I am so thankful for my recovery but I am overwhelmed by my medical bills. I am hoping you have some resources that may be able to help me? I would be happy to work or contribute in anyway I can.

    I appreciate your consideration and help.

    Thank you.

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