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New FDA Rules Could Cut Narcotics Prescriptions


New restrictions will be placed on prescription of two dozen powerful Schedule II narcotic drugs including OxyContin, methadone and morphine, the New York Times reported Feb. 10.

The new rules could lead to many doctors losing their prescribing rights of extended-release opioids that are addictive and have high potential for overdose and death if misused.

“What we're talking about is putting in place a program to try to ensure that physicians prescribing these products are properly trained in their safe use, and that only those physicians are prescribing those products,” said John K. Jenkins, director of the drug center at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “This is going to be a massive program.”

Jenkins said current FDA regulations have failed to prevent inappropriate prescriptions, overaggressive marketing, and drug misuse that have led to deaths and overdoses. On the other hand, Jenkins noted that the drugs are highly effective in reducing pain. Federal officials will meet with drug makers, consumer advocates and others in March to discuss policy changes.

The announcement may signal a more assertive role in regulating physician prescribing by the FDA, which traditionally has issued warnings but left control over the practice of medicine to state medical boards.  

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  1. B Bollig / August 21, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    Unfortunately ive been on prescription pain killers since 1990. My condition has worsened over the years. At the moment because of the regulations that have been put into affect, my current amounts give me the ability to take a shower every other day and use the bathroom. I don’t live and im not productive. I survive in uncontrolled pain every day. Being on this computer has been all the recreation I can do. A year ago I was 90 % self sufficient. I was hit5 by a car in 84 flagging, both knees are shot. I had a partial replacement a year ago and The pain isn’t much better. I also have two shoulders that need complete replacement, That doesn’t include the carpel tunnel in both wrists or my severe osteoarthritis. So all these regulations u are imposing make me feel like I should just sue for pain and suffering but from what I have seen of the federal government u really don’t give a dam about people like me. So now u want to make things harder. I get the feeling you’re just hoping and praying that I die or I kill myself. That is how much good you doing trying to control my pain. You don’t want to give comfort to the ones who are truly suffering, you just want to control another aspect of our lives. As with any drug their will be deaths but there will be more because of you taking away our ability to get help. I hope every one of you has to suffer from the decisions you make. I would hope you understand how many seniors you are going to affect and if I die their will be 3 to take my place.You’re not doing a good job.

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