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Missouri College Requires All Students to Undergo Drug Testing


A technical college in Missouri is requiring all its students to undergo drug testing. KSPR reports the school is the only public college, and perhaps the only college in the nation, with a drug-testing requirement.

Linn State Technical College instituted the policy following the recommendation of community businesses likely to hire the school’s students. Almost 500 of the school’s 1,200 students will be tested by the end of this week.

If a student’s drug test is positive, he or she will be given 45 days to abstain from substance use, and will be provided help from the school. They are then required to take a second scheduled test, and a third random test. If both subsequent tests are negative, the student can continue to be enrolled at the school, and all test results are destroyed at the end of the semester.

Dan Viets of the Missouri Civil Liberties Association told the news station his organization has threatened to sue over the new policy.

2 Responses to this article

  1. Linda in NH / September 14, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Maybe the Civil Liberties Union needs to read the latest copy of Shovelling It Up from casacolumbia. The people who apply to the school know the rules. They can apply elsewhere if they want to abuse substances. I’m going to make sure all the youth I know are aware of this school, so they that a sober environment id available.

  2. Joshua / September 15, 2011 at 11:11 am

    while this may be true of a private college, it dows not apply in the case of a public school. members of the community who disapprove of the policy cannot opt- out of the taxes they will pay to support it. this amounts to a government-run body searching everyone who goes there not just without a warrant, or probable cause, but even without any suspicion of illegal activity. that it is a college doing it, to adult students rules out any in-loco-parentis arguments that could be made and just makes it a flat out violation of the fourth ammendment.

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