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New Dietary Guidelines on Alcohol Keep Daily Drinking Yardstick

Thanks to comments from public health advocates — including many of you — the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans do not suggest a weekly average for alcohol consumption. Consistent with current scientific evidence, the guidelines suggest up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men for moderate consumers.

NIDA: Drug Abuse Alters Brain Circuitry Long-Term

State-of-the-art brain imaging shows that changes in the brain’s reward circuitry caused by substance abuse likely remain even after drug and alcohol use stop, according to a Jan. 18 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) press release. A team of…

N.Y. Considers E-Cigarette Ban

Lawmakers in New York have proposed a statewide ban on electronic cigarettes, the Associated Press reported Jan. 25. The bill was introduced by a former smoker, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan), after she saw e-cigarettes on sale at malls and encountered…

Hazelden Launches Addiction Treatment Program Just for Lawyers

Hazelden, the Minnesota-based addiction treatment center, has created what may be the first in-patient program in the nation specifically designed for attorneys.

Combining Smoking-Cessation and PTSD Treatment Improves Veterans' Quit Rates

A new study found veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who smoke have an easier time quitting when smoking cessation and PTSD treatment are combined.

Editorial: State and Local Officials Act to Stop Four Loko Stockpiling, More to Be Done

Now that Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks have been pretty much outlawed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and two more federal agencies because of their associated health and safety risks, the question remains: what will happen to stock already on the shelves?

Male Veterans More Prone to Substance Abuse

Women serving in the U.S. military smoke, binge drink, and use illicit drugs less frequently than male servicemen, according to the U.S. Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality.

More Iraqi Security Personnel Using Drugs, Alcohol on Duty

Increasing numbers of Iraqi military and police personnel are using drugs and alcohol while on duty, raising questions about their ability to maintain order once American troops leave in 2011.

What’s in That Cup? Yup, Starbucks Selling Beer, Wine

coffee and newspaperTo an effort to increase evening traffic, Starbucks will be offering regional beer and wine in some of its stores.

SAMHSA Seeks Public Comment on Eight Strategic Initiatives

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) seeks public feedback by Oct. 22 on its plan to focus on eight strategic initiatives.

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