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U.S. Military Studying Ways to Reduce Substance Abuse Among Service Members

Military researchers are studying ways to reduce substance abuse among service members, their families and veterans, a Defense Department official said this week. “We’re doing a great job with those physical wounds,” said Dr. Michael E. Kilpatrick. The military now wants to focus on the invisible wounds of war, he added.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Increased Risk for Addiction: Study

Mild traumatic brain injury may be linked to an increased risk of addiction, a study of military personnel suggests.

Veterans with PTSD Often Prescribed Drugs Not Supported by Guidelines

Veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome are often prescribed medications not supported by existing government guidelines, according to a new study. Most of these prescriptions are written by mental health care providers.

Navy Blood-Alcohol Tests to Start in February

The U.S. Navy will begin conducting random blood-alcohol tests on sailors in the United States in February, the Associated Press reports.

Military Deployment Increases Risk of Substance Abuse in Young Family Members

Having a parent or sibling who has been deployed in the military increases the risk of drug and alcohol use among middle and high school students, a new study finds.

Navy Unveils Video Demonstrating Worrisome Effects of Bath Salts

The U.S. Navy has released a video that demonstrates the disturbing effects of bath salts, ABC News reports. The video is the latest weapon in the Navy’s effort to combat synthetic drug use.

U.S. Military Imposes New Regulations Aimed at Reducing Binge Drinking

The U.S. military has introduced a number of measures aimed at reducing binge drinking, NBC News reports. Service members and addiction specialists say alcohol abuse in the military is widespread.

Male Veterans More Likely Than Civilians to Seek Treatment for Heavy Alcohol Use

Male veterans with a history of heavy alcohol use are more likely than civilians to seek treatment. They are also more likely to report better overall health, and to be less depressed, according to a study presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

Smoking Interferes with Veterans’ Sobriety Attempts, Study Finds

Veterans who smoke while trying to stop drinking have a more difficult time becoming sober than their peers who don’t smoke, a new study concludes.

Marines Cited for Drunk Driving Required to Participate in New Program

Marines cited for drunk driving and other drinking-related incidents will be required to participate in a new program that focuses on early intervention, according to the Marine Corps Times.

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