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30% of Veterans Given Psychiatric Drugs Aren’t Diagnosed With Mental Health Problem

A new study finds 30 percent of U.S. veterans prescribed psychiatric medications do not have a diagnosed mental health problem.

Marine Corps Exchange Stores Impose New Limits on Alcohol Sales

Marine Corps Exchange stores around the world will impose new limits on alcohol sales in an effort to limit irresponsible drinking, Stars and Stripes reports.

VA Opiate Overdose Rate Almost Double the National Average: Report

The death rate from opiate overdoses among Veterans Affairs patients is almost double the national average, according to a report by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Prescriptions for hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone and morphine have jumped 270 percent in the past 12 years among VA patients, the report found.

Alcoholism and PTSD Can be Safely Treated Together, Study Finds

Alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be safely treated together, a new study concludes. The study addresses concerns that treating PTSD could worsen alcoholism by bringing up painful memories, Reuters reports.

Naval Bases Cut Back Sale Hours for Alcohol in Attempt to Reduce Sexual Assaults

The United States Navy announced it is cutting back the sale hours for alcohol at base stores, in an effort to reduce sexual assaults, The Washington Times reports.

Synthetic Drugs Popular in the U.S. Military, Former Marine Claims

A former Marine claims synthetic drugs are popular in the U.S. military, according to a segment of National Geographic’s “Inside: Secret America,” which airs tonight. The program follows him and a current Marine as they purchase bath salts in smoke shops in San Diego, according to ABC News.

Navy Unveils New Anti-Drinking Campaign

The U.S. Navy has introduced a new campaign to remind junior sailors to drink responsibly, according to the Navy Times.

Parents’ Deployment May Increase Risk of Kids’ Substance Abuse

Having a parent deployed in the military may increase the risk of substance abuse in teens and preteens, a new study suggests.

Military Healthcare System Now Covers Prescription Drugs for Quitting Smoking

Tricare, which provides civilian health benefits for military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents, announced this week it is now covering prescription drugs for smoking cessation.

Army Report Recommends Changes to Address Mental Health Care Deficiencies

A study of the Army’s mental health care system identifies a number of gaps, and provides recommendations, including increasing the number of behavioral health specialists, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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