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Hazelden Announced New Online Addiction Screening Tool

Hazelden has unveiled a new online screening tool for consumers called About My Drinking. Visitors to the website who answer 18 questions can get a personalized assessment of their current alcohol and other drug use and — if necessary — a referral to a Hazelden addiction counselor …

Afghan Opium Production Down, American Forces Hopeful

A combination of poor growing conditions and government and military interdiction contributed to decreased opium production in Afghanistan this year.

VA Says Docs Can't Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors are forbidden from recommending medical marijuana for patients even in states that allow medical use of the drug.

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Join Together’s new blog provides expanded daily coverage of important news and resources for people working on alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. And we’ve made it easy to keep up to date.

Pentagon Land Once Used to Grow Hemp

The U.S. Department of Agriculture once used the land in Virginia where the Pentagon now stands to grow hemp, a close cousin of the cannabis sativa plant that produces marijuana.

Drinking a Big Problem for British Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has plagued many U.S. veterans of the Afghan and Iraq wars, but for British troops alcohol abuse seems to be the bigger problem.

Army Opiate Treatment Utilization Up 500 Percent

The number of U.S. Army soldiers enrolling in treatment for opiate addiction rose 500 percent between 2004 and 2009.

Steroids Harm the Hearts of Long-Term Users, Study Finds

A study of 12 male weightlifters who were long-term users of anabolic steroids found that the drugs can cause significant damage to the heart, the Los Angeles Times reported April 27. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital studied the amount of…

High-Alcohol Beer Coming to Stores in Calif., NYC

A Scottish microbrewery that has received intense criticism for marketing products with an alcohol content far exceeding popular brands is shipping one of its beers to select retailers in California and New York City, Time magazine reported April 10. BrewDog…

Death Toll from Mexican Drug War Exceeds Prior Reports

Recent reports based on confidential government data indicate that deaths resulting from the Mexican government’s three-year attack against drug cartels far exceed previously cited estimates.

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