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New Tools Identify Substance Use Treatment Needs in Criminal Justice System

People in prisons and jails are four times more likely to have a substance use disorder than the general public, yet services for this population are sorely lacking, according to experts at George Mason University.

Smokers Can Lower Anxiety Levels by Quitting, Study Suggests

Smokers can lower their anxiety levels by quitting, a new study suggests. The decrease is particularly noticeable among people who used smoking to cope, instead of for pleasure.

3 Easy Ways to Support Join Together

Join Together has been the nation’s leader in providing free, high-quality addiction prevention and treatment information to communities nationwide for more than 20 years. Your loyal support ensures that we can continue to deliver this valuable service, but we need your help.

Synthetic Version of “Magic Mushrooms” Tested As Treatment for Alcoholism, Smoking

Scientists are testing the synthetic version of the active compound in “magic mushrooms,” psilocybin, for a variety of purposes, including treatment of alcoholism, according to The compound is also being studied as a smoking cessation aid.

Substance Abuse Much More Likely in Adults with Mental Illness: Report

Substance dependence or abuse is much more likely to occur in adults with a mental illness, compared with those without mental health problems, according to a new government report.

Psychiatric Association Creates Category of “Substance Use and Addictive Disorders”

The American Psychiatric Association has approved a new edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders that combines substance abuse and dependence into a single category of “substance use and addictive disorders.”

Ecstasy May Help Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A new study suggests Ecstasy may help treat post-traumatic stress disorder, according to The New York Times.

Alcohol Can Distort Men’s Feelings of Empathy and Understanding of Irony

A new study suggests drinking too much alcohol can interfere with men’s feelings of empathy and understanding of irony. Chronic heavy drinking may damage parts of the brain involved in deciphering emotions and processing humor, the researchers say.

Experts Say Mental Health Effects of Hurricane Sandy Could be Powerful

Psychologists warn the mental health effects of Hurricane Sandy could be powerful, HealthDay reports.

Commentary: Affordable Care Act Could Benefit Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

As this country moves into a new era of how we approach the treatment, prevention and administration of illness, we must keep the rubric of co-occurring disorders at the forefront, says Andrew Kessler of IC&RC.

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