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Researchers Use Psychedelic Drugs to Reduce Dying Patients’ Fear of Death

Researchers are testing whether psychedelic drugs can help dying patients face their fear of death, The New York Times reports.

Teen Use of Ecstasy and Speed Linked With Developing Depression

A new study links teenagers’ use of Ecstasy and speed (methamphetamine and/or amphetamine) with a higher risk of developing depression.

Depression, Anxiety Top Reasons Older Adults Abuse Drugs or Alcohol, Survey Finds

Depression and anxiety are the top reasons older adults abuse drugs or alcohol, according to a study by a Florida drug and alcohol treatment and recovery center.

Methamphetamine Use in Pregnancy May Lead to Behavior Problems in Young Children

A new study suggests that young children whose mothers used methamphetamine in pregnancy are at higher risk of behavior problems compared with children whose mothers didn’t use the drug.

Antipsychotics Increasingly Prescribed for “Off-Label” Conditions

A growing number of patients are receiving “off-label” prescriptions for a class of drugs called atypical antipsychotics, according to The Washington Post. These drugs are increasingly being prescribed to treat anxiety, attention deficit, sleep problems, behavior problems in toddlers, and other conditions for which they are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Veterans With Psychiatric Disorders More Likely to Receive Opioids for Pain

U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric disorders are more likely than veterans without mental health issues to receive prescription opioids for pain, according to a new study.

Study: American Troops More Likely to Use Smokeless Tobacco After Deployment, Combat

American troops who have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan – especially those who have been in combat – are more likely to start using smokeless tobacco, when compared to their counterparts who stay home, Reuters reports.

Fifteen Percent of Surgeons Show Signs of Alcohol Problems

A new study shows that alcohol problems are not uncommon among surgeons.

National Guard Soldiers at Risk of Developing Alcohol-Related Problems

National Guard soldiers who do not have a history of alcohol abuse have a significant risk of developing alcohol-related problems while they are deployed and afterwards, a new study suggests.

Active-Duty Military and Veterans Prone to Substance Abuse, Depression and Suicide

Three new studies show active-duty military personnel and veterans are prone to substance abuse, depression and suicide.

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