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Average TV-Watching Teen Sees One Alcohol Ad a Day

Fueled largely by an increase in distilled spirits advertising on cable television, the growth rate in youths' exposure to televised alcohol ads jumped 71 percent in less than a decade, far outpacing that for adults, according to the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY).

Dead Smoker and Son Awarded 71 Million Judgment, Lorillard Supplied Free Newports at Age Nine

In what is said to be the fist time a jury has found a tobacco company liable because it distributed free samples of its product, a Massachusetts jury has awarded $71 million to the estate and family of a woman who had said she received free Newport cigarettes at age 9.

Seven Popular Alcoholic Energy Drinks Pulled, Others Remain

In the wake of a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), seven alcoholic energy drinks made by four companies will no longer be shipped or manufactured.

Study Highlights Risks of Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks

As more states move to ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages, the evidence on the health risks associated with combining energy drinks and alcohol continues to grow.

Collegiate Newspapers Lose Bid to Take Alcohol Ad Ban to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by student newspapers in Virginia challenging a state ban on alcohol advertising in their pages.

Energy Drinks Linked to Risky Alcohol Consumption

College students who consumed energy drinks weekly or daily had an increased risk of alcohol dependence, a recent study finds.

Study: Gruesome Cigarette Warnings Likely to Work

Graphic pictorial warnings on cigarette packaging may be effective in getting smokers to quit, a new study finds.

Worldwide Public Health Conference Recommends Regulating Additives in Tobacco

Representatives from over 171 countries have agreed to new guidelines recommending that tobacco companies reveal the ingredients in their products and restricting or banning tobacco additives.

Partnership at Releases New Prevention Ad Campaign for Hispanic Parents

The Partnership at has launched a multi-media prevention campaign in Latino communities, urging parents to talk with their children about alcohol and drugs.

Advocates Urge State and Local Action on Alcoholic Energy Drinks

After three federal agencies acted together on Nov. 17 to shut down caffeinated alcoholic beverages, public health advocates are now looking to state and local governmental authorities to enforce the rulings and pressure retailers and distributors to quickly get the drinks off the market.

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