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Ohio Governor Urges Parents to Talk to Children About Dangers of Drug Abuse

Ohio is launching a new initiative to encourage parents to speak with their children about the dangers of drug abuse. The increased use of prescription painkillers and heroin has led to a surge in drug overdoses in the state, the Associated Press reports.

Commentary: Rapper Macklemore Takes on Prevention

Macklemore, a 30-year-old male artist with a history of drug and alcohol use, doesn’t brag about getting drunk or high; rather warns young people about the realities behind addiction, and urges his listeners to learn from his mistakes.

Watchdog Group Slams Alcohol “Social Responsibility” Campaigns

Alcohol companies’ “social responsibility” campaigns increase brand loyalty and positive perceptions of the products, without reducing alcohol-related harms, according to a critic of the industry.

Many PG-13 Movies Have Violent Characters Who Drink, Smoke and Have Sex

An analysis of almost 400 top-grossing movies from 1985 to 2010 shows about 90 percent included at least one moment of violence involving a main character. In 77 percent of those movies, the main character also smoked tobacco or drank alcohol or engaged in sexual behavior, HealthDay reports.

New Silk Road Operator: Illegal Drug Website Has Backup Locations Worldwide

The operator of the new Silk Road website, which sells illegal drugs, says he has distributed encrypted portions of the site’s source code to 500 locations in 17 countries. He claims this will allow the site to be relaunched immediately if law enforcement shuts it down again.

Cigarette Graphic Warning Labels Could Have Large Impact on Smoking, Study Suggests

Cigarette graphic warning labels could reduce the number of smokers in the United States by as much as 8.6 million people, saving millions of lives, according to a new study.

Government Shutdown Delayed FDA Ruling on E-Cigarettes

The government shutdown in late September and early October likely delayed the Food and Drug Administration’s ruling on e-cigarette regulation, according to Consumer Reports.

Nine Weight-Loss, Energy Supplements Contain Amphetamine-Like Compound

Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration have found an amphetamine-like compound in nine dietary supplements, USA Today reports. The compound, beta-methylphenethylamine, appears to have never been tested for safety on humans.

Growing Number of Teens Smoking E-Cigarettes, Hookahs and Cigars

An increasing number of students in middle school and high school are smoking e-cigarettes, hookahs and cigars, a new government report concludes.

E-cigarettes Use Celebrities and Flavorings to Attract Customers

E-cigarette companies are using celebrities in ads and flavorings in their products to appeal to new customers, USA Today reports. Unlike regular cigarettes, the marketing of e-cigarettes is not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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