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College Students Who Post Drunken Photos on Facebook at Risk of Drinking Problems

College students who post photos to Facebook showing themselves getting drunk are at higher risk of alcohol dependence and abuse, compared with their classmates with no references to drinking on their pages.

Four Loko Maker Agrees to Show Alcohol Content on Can Label

The manufacturer of the sweet-flavored “alcopop” Four Loko has agreed to change the labels of the cans so that they state the drinks contain as much alcohol as four to five cans of beer.

Commentary: Substance Abuse Treatment Providers: Act Now to Get Ready for Health Care Reform

Substance abuse treatment providers must start making changes now so they are ready when the Affordable Care Act is implemented in 2014, says Dr. Thomas Freese.

E-Cigarettes Slowly Catching on with Retailers

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are slowly becoming more popular with retailers, Convenience Store News reports. Many retailers continue to take a “wait and see” approach to the products, before deciding whether to assign them shelf space.

Commentary: Does Anonymity Fit Into Recovery in the Social Media Era?

The 11th Tradition of AA and NA states, “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.” So how does anonymity factor into recovery in the age of social networks asks Ken Pomerance, COO of

Some Restaurant Chains Decide Alcohol Poses Too Many Problems

Several restaurant chains that recently added alcohol to their menus have decided it causes more problems than it’s worth. Customers aren’t buying as many drinks as expected, and selling alcohol is causing many logistical problems.

Movie Theater Chain Considers Serving Alcohol in New York

AMC Theaters, one of the nation’s largest movie chains, is considering adding restaurants that serve alcohol in its New York movie houses.

Tobacco Industry Asks for Temporary Injunction to Block New Graphic Cigarette Ads

Tobacco manufacturers this week asked a federal judge to impose a temporary injunction to block the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement that cigarette packs carry graphic images of the consequences of smoking, including diseased lungs and rotting teeth.

New Guidelines Set for Alcohol Companies on Social Networking Sites

New guidelines set to go into effect next week restrict access to alcohol companies’ official brand pages on Facebook and other networking sites, to adults of legal drinking age.

Internet Sites Sell Synthetic Drugs, Frustrating Authorities

An underground website called Silk Road is selling synthetic drugs, thwarting authorities’ attempts to stop the illegal trafficking of these substances.

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