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Kentucky Cancer Center Advises Smokers to Switch to Smokeless Tobacco

A Kentucky cancer center is advising smokers to switch to smokeless tobacco. Its “Switch and Quit” campaign is creating controversy in the state and beyond.

Commentary: A Picture May Be Worth a Thousand Words, But Can It Also Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives?

Images can be especially effective tools when they are harnessed to change social norms and prevent youth from never starting to smoke, explains Eric Asche, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy®.

Mistrial Declared in $700 Million Lawsuit Against Tobacco Manufacturer

A Missouri judge has declared a mistrial in a $700 million lawsuit against tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris.

Many Songs Popular With Teens Promote Alcohol

One in five songs that are popular with teens have explicit references to alcohol, and one-quarter of these songs mention a specific brand, a new study finds.

Parents, Officials Protest Marijuana-Shaped Candy

Parents and officials are protesting the appearance of candy shaped like marijuana leaves in stores around the country.

Films With Smoking Are Less Profitable

Movies that depict smoking make less money than smoke-free films, a new study concludes.

FDA and NIH Announce Study on Effect of Tobacco Regulations on Smokers

The Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health announced they will study the effect of new tobacco regulations on the health and behavior of smokers.

College Students Who Post Drunken Photos on Facebook at Risk of Drinking Problems

College students who post photos to Facebook showing themselves getting drunk are at higher risk of alcohol dependence and abuse, compared with their classmates with no references to drinking on their pages.

Four Loko Maker Agrees to Show Alcohol Content on Can Label

The manufacturer of the sweet-flavored “alcopop” Four Loko has agreed to change the labels of the cans so that they state the drinks contain as much alcohol as four to five cans of beer.

Commentary: Substance Abuse Treatment Providers: Act Now to Get Ready for Health Care Reform

Substance abuse treatment providers must start making changes now so they are ready when the Affordable Care Act is implemented in 2014, says Dr. Thomas Freese.

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