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New York City Council Votes to Include E-Cigarettes in Public Smoking Ban

The New York City Council on Thursday voted to include e-cigarettes in the city’s public smoking ban, NPR reports.

New York, Los Angeles and Chicago Consider Banning E-Cigarettes in Public Places

New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are considering adding e-cigarettes to their public smoking bans. Public health officials in those cities say the devices are harmful and can be a gateway to smoking regular cigarettes, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Total Home Smoking Ban Can Help Smokers Quit

Totally banning smoking in the home can help smokers quit, a new study finds. Banning smoking in parts of the house is not as effective.

Ohio Legislator Proposes Requiring Hospitals to Report Opioid-Dependent Newborns

A bill proposed by an Ohio legislator would require hospitals to report the number of opioid-dependent babies born each year, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

New York State Legislators Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bill

A bill to legalize, tax and regulate the sale of marijuana to adults in New York state was introduced this week by three state legislators.

States With Stronger Alcohol Policies Have Lower Rates of Binge Drinking

States with stronger alcohol control policies have lower rates of binge drinking than states with weaker policies, a new study concludes.

Uruguay Senate Approves Bill to Legalize Marijuana

The Uruguay Senate has voted to legalize marijuana, The Wall Street Journal reports. The law, approved Tuesday, puts the government of the South American nation in control of the distribution and sale of marijuana.

States with More Alcohol- and Traffic-Related Laws Have Fewer Traffic Deaths

States that have enacted more alcohol- and traffic-related laws have a lower proportion of traffic deaths, compared with states with fewer such laws, a new study indicates. Researchers say encouraging states to adopt more of these laws could significantly reduce preventable traffic-related deaths in the United States, especially among young people.

Families Move to Colorado to Gain Access to Marijuana-Based Oil for Their Children

About 100 families of children with seizures have come to Colorado to gain access to a marijuana-based oil to treat their children, The New York Times reports.

American Medical Association Reiterates Its Opposition to Legalizing Marijuana

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates voted this week to reaffirm its opposition to marijuana legalization, according to U.S. News & World Report.

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