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NY Mayor Bloomberg Donates Own Money to Support California Tobacco Tax Measure

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will donate up to $500,000 of his own money to support California’s tobacco tax measure, known as Proposition 29. He challenged supporters to match that amount.

Tobacco Industry Ads Oppose Proposed California Cigarette Tax to Fund Cancer Research

The tobacco industry is funding ads opposing California’s proposed tax on cigarettes to raise money for cancer research.

Bill Would Close Tax Code Loophole on Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

Three U.S. senators have introduced legislation that would close loopholes in the tax code that allow tobacco manufacturers to avoid the federal cigarette tax and the roll-your-own tobacco tax.

Expanded Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts Did Not Increase Addiction Treatment

A Massachusetts law passed in 2006 that expanded insurance coverage did not lead to an increase in the number of state residents who received inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at state-contracted facilities, according to a new study.

Bill to Set Standards on Driving Under Influence of Marijuana Passes Colorado Senate

The Colorado Senate has passed a measure that would make it easier to convict someone of driving while under the influence of marijuana. The measure will now move to the House, according to The Denver Post.

Kentucky Governor Signs Law to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has signed into law a bill that aims to curb prescription drug abuse. The measure was opposed by the Kentucky Medical Association, which now says it will educate its members about the new law.

Some Emergency Departments Won’t Test for Alcohol Because of Insurance Issues

Some emergency departments do not test patients’ blood or urine for alcohol because of issues with insurance payments, Kaiser Health News reports. In more than half of states, insurers are allowed to deny payment for medical services related to alcohol or drug use.

Dr. Oz and NY Legislator Promote Bill to Ban Online Sales of Psychedelic Drugs

TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz will join New York State Senator Jeffrey Klein to introduce a bill to ban psychedelic drugs that are legally sold online.

Bill to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse Stirs Debate in Kentucky

A bill that aims to curb prescription drug abuse in Kentucky is stirring debate among politicians, physicians and law enforcement officials, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Florida Welfare Drug Test Law Did Not Yield Savings, State Data Reveals

In a four-month period last year when Florida required welfare applicants to undergo drug testing, the program yielded no savings, caught few drug users, and did not affect the number of people who applied, The New York Times reports.

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