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Insurers Not Likely to Change Policies on Medical Marijuana

Health insurers are unlikely to start covering the cost of medical marijuana, even as more states approve its use, The Washington Post reports. Earlier this month, Massachusetts joined 17 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Employers in Washington State Unlikely to Loosen Rules About Marijuana Use

Although voters in Washington have approved a new law allowing the recreational use of marijuana among adults, employers in the state are unlikely to change their drug use policies, according to The Seattle Times.

Alcohol Taxes Can Reduce Young People’s Drinking

Raising alcohol excise taxes can help deter young people from drinking, according to a leading expert on preventing drinking in youth.

CDC Report: 60 Percent of Largest U.S. Cities Are Smoke Free

Sixty percent of the 50 largest U.S. cities are smoke free, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overall, almost half of Americans are protected by state or local smoke-free laws.

Seattle Police Department Produces Guide to New Marijuana Law

In response to the newly approved recreational marijuana law approved by Washington state voters last week, the Seattle Police Department has produced a flippant guide that explains the new law, according to NBC News.

Changes to State Alcohol Policies Available Online

The Alcohol Policy Information System has updated its list of state alcohol policies to reflect substantive changes that occurred last year. The list is available online.

Officials in Colorado and Washington Concerned About Marijuana-Related Car Crashes

Officials in Colorado and Washington are concerned about an increase in car crashes related to marijuana, now that recreational use of the drug by adults has been approved in both states.

Texas Governor Wants Drug Tests for Welfare, Unemployment Applicants

Texas Governor Rick Perry this week called for drug tests for residents seeking welfare or unemployment benefits, the Associated Press reports.

Federal Government Unlikely to Target Marijuana Users in Washington and Colorado

Experts say the federal government is unlikely to target individual marijuana users, as it responds to new laws in Colorado and Washington state that legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Colorado and Washington Universities Don’t Expect Changes to Marijuana Policies

Officials at universities in Colorado and Washington state say they do not expect to change their marijuana policies, in light of voters’ approval of laws that legalize recreational marijuana in those two states.

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