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Seattle City Attorney: Smoking Marijuana in Public Still Illegal in Washington

Dozens of people gathered near Seattle’s Space Needle on Thursday to smoke marijuana, as Washington became the first state to legalize recreational use of the drug.

New Poll Finds 51 Percent of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana

A poll released Wednesday finds 51 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana. Men and younger voters are more likely to support legalization, Reuters reports.

Increase in Cigarette Taxes May Influence Heavy Smokers to Cut Back

An increase in cigarette taxes may lead heavy smokers to cut back more than people who smoke fewer cigarettes, a new study suggests.

Colorado and Washington Communities Vary in Approach to Marijuana Laws

Across Colorado and Washington state, communities are taking varying approaches to newly approved laws that legalize small amounts of recreational use of marijuana for adults.

District of Columbia Proposes Law to Ban Synthetic Drugs

Legislators in Washington, D.C., are proposing a ban on synthetic drugs, The Washington Times reports. More than 40 states have banned synthetic marijuana and/or bath salts.

Smoke-Free Workplace Laws Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks

Laws that mandate smoke-free workplaces are associated with a significantly reduced risk of heart attacks, according to a new study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

50-Cent Rise in Cigarette Tax Could Result in 3 Million Fewer Smokers by 2085

The Congressional Budget Office estimates a 50-cent hike in the U.S. cigarette tax could result in a decrease of more than three million smokers by 2085. The tax increase would either encourage people to quit, or would keep people from starting to smoke, the researchers say.

Coverage for Smoking Cessation Treatments Called Inconsistent, Confusing

Although the Affordable Care Act requires new private health plans to cover several methods of tobacco cessation, many insurance plans are not providing mandated coverage to help smokers quit, a new report concludes.

New Jersey Makes Synthetic Marijuana Ban Permanent

New Jersey has made its temporary ban on synthetic marijuana permanent, state Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced Monday.

Texas Plan to Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Would Hurt Children, Critics Say

A plan that would require applicants for welfare and unemployment benefits in Texas to be tested for drugs would hurt children, critics argue. The plan is backed by Governor Rick Perry.

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