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Several States Have Laws Allowing Involuntary Addiction Treatment

A Kentucky law allows parents to petition the court to order involuntary drug treatment for their adult children, USA Today reports. Other concerned people may also file a petition under Casey’s Law.

Commentary: Your Baby’s Life Shouldn’t Begin with Detox

When Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi took office in 2011, Florida was in the midst of a public safety crisis of epic proportions – prescription drug abuse. This epidemic wasn’t just affecting adults. It was affecting increasing numbers of pregnant women throughout the state, which fueled an explosion in cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome, babies being born exposed to prescription drugs.

Georgia Institutes New Pain Clinic Rules to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed a law that requires pain clinics to be licensed by the state medical board, and new clinics to be owned by physicians. The measure is designed to reduce prescription drug abuse, according to The Wall Street Journal.

New Jersey Governor Signs Good Samaritan Overdose Law

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday signed into law a measure that encourages people to report drug overdoses. The law allows people to call 911 to report a drug overdose, without the fear of getting arrested for drug possession themselves.

Medical Board of California Supports Bills Aimed at Prescription Drug Abuse

The Medical Board of California has voted to support measures designed to fight prescription drug abuse, the Los Angeles Times reports. The board refused to transfer its investigators looking into physician misconduct in prescription drug abuse cases to the state Attorney General’s office.

New Jersey Acts to Save “Good Samaritan” Overdose Measure

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Democratic senators agreed on changes to a “Good Samaritan” bill that allows people to call 911 to report a drug overdose, without the fear of getting arrested for drug possession themselves.

Some States Want to Ease Alcohol Restrictions to Raise Tax Revenues

Some states are considering legislation that would ease restrictions on alcohol sales, in an effort to increase tax revenue, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Colorado, Washington State Struggle to Devise Marijuana Health and Safety Rules

Officials in Colorado and Washington state, which recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, are struggling to devise health and safety rules for the drug.

Colorado Officials to Consider Marijuana Taxes of Up to 30 Percent

This week Colorado officials will consider a proposal to require marijuana excise and sales taxes of up to 30 percent combined, The New York Times reports.

Bill Would Require Minnesota Legislators to Undergo Drug Tests

An amendment to be introduced this week in Minnesota would require the state’s legislators to undergo drug tests. Originally meant to shame lawmakers who want drug testing for welfare recipients, the bill has caught on with both Democrats and Republicans.

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