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New York Governor Will Make Medical Marijuana Available to Some Patients

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday he will allow some patients with serious illnesses to have access to medical marijuana.

Legal Sales of Recreational Marijuana Begin in Colorado

Legal sales of recreational marijuana began in Colorado on Wednesday. Hundreds of state residents, as well as tourists from around the country, lined up before dawn to purchase state-regulated marijuana, The New York Times reports.

Eight Federal Inmates Convicted of Crack Cocaine Offenses Have Sentences Commuted

President Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates who had been convicted of crack cocaine offenses, The New York Times reports. Six of the inmates were sentenced to life in prison.

One-Fourth of Female Drug Offenders Report Police Sexual Misconduct: Study

A study of female drug offenders in the St. Louis area finds one-quarter report experiencing police sexual misconduct, MedicalXpress reports.

Employers in Colorado and Washington Wrestle with Marijuana Policies

Employers in Colorado and Washington state, where recreational marijuana is now legal for adults, are wrestling with whether and how to adjust their drug policies to account for the new laws.

64% Oppose Firing Someone for Off-Hours Marijuana Use in States Where it’s Legal

A new poll finds 64 percent of Americans say it is unacceptable for a company to fire employees for using marijuana during their free time in states where the drug has been legalized.

Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Heroin Overdose, Shooting During Drug Deal

The United States Supreme Court will hear cases involving a heroin overdose and a shooting that took place during a drug deal, Reuters reports.

Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Fetal Protection Measure Known as “Cocaine Mom” Act

A federal lawsuit is challenging a Wisconsin measure that allows the forcible confinement of pregnant women who use illegal drugs or alcohol “to a severe degree” and will not accept treatment. The law is known as the “cocaine mom” act.

Poll Shows 58 Percent of Americans Favor Marijuana Legalization

A Gallup poll has found a majority of Americans say marijuana should be legalized. The poll found 58 percent favor legalization, a 10 percent increase since last year.

Washington State Adopts Rules Governing Sale of Recreational Marijuana

Washington state approved rules this week for the recreational sale of marijuana, the Associated Press reports. The Washington Liquor Control Board, which adopted the rules, will issue licenses for up to 334 marijuana stores across the state.

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