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National Crackdown on Prescription Drug Thefts Involves Dozens of Suspects

Dozens of suspects across the country have been arrested and charged with stealing prescription drugs from tractor trailers and warehouses. Two brothers are accused of stealing more than $70 million of prescription drugs from a warehouse in Connecticut.

Commentary: Breaking the Cycle of Drugs, Alcohol and Crime

Research shows that teens with substance abuse problems are more likely to break the law, behave violently or drop out of school. In fact, 4 out of 5 young people in the juvenile justice system commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, says Susan Richardson of Reclaiming Futures.

Commentary: NADCP Kicks off a Coast-to-Coast National Drug Court Month Celebration

West Huddleston, CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, addresses National Drug Court Month and the launch of All Rise America!, a national motorcycle relay for recovery.

Federal Court Says Florida Drug-Testing Order for State Employees is Unconstitutional

A federal court has ruled that an executive order by Florida Governor Rick Scott, which would randomly test state workers for drugs, is unconstitutional. The policy constitutes an unreasonable search and seizure, Federal District Judge Ursula Ungaro ruled Thursday.

Walgreens to Pay $7.9 Million to Resolve Allegations Over Illegal Prescription Transfers

The Justice Department announced that Walgreens has agreed to pay the government $7.9 million to resolve allegations the company gave people enrolled in government-run health programs $25 gift cards if they moved their prescriptions over to the pharmacy chain.

Federal Appeals Court Appears Unmoved By Tobacco Company Arguments in Ad Case

A Federal appeals court appeared unmoved Friday by tobacco industry arguments that the court should overrule a judgment that requires corrective ads about the dangers of smoking.

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Cocaine Sentencing Cases

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week in two cases involving different sentencing rules for sellers of crack and powder cocaine.

Obama Says No to Legalization of Illicit Drugs

President Obama this weekend said “legalization is not the answer” to stemming the tide of illegal drugs. He spoke Saturday at a summit meeting of Western Hemisphere nations in Cartagena, Colombia.

Story Links Alcohol Industry Contributions and Stalled Nebraska Bill on “Alcohol Impact Zones”

The alcohol industry has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Nebraska legislators on a committee in which a bill that would curb alcohol purchases to residents on a dry Indian reservation has stalled, The New York Times reports.

Florida Appeals Court Overturns $79 Million Verdict Against Tobacco Company

A Florida appeals court overturned a $79.2 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. this week. The personal injury verdict had been awarded to the daughter of a man who died from lung cancer after years of smoking.

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