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Justice Department Uses Civil Statute to Fight Medical Marijuana Shops

The Justice Department is using a civil statute, aimed at seizing the assets of drug trafficking organizations, against medical marijuana dispensaries in California, Reuters reports. By using the law, the department is avoiding expensive and potentially embarrassing criminal prosecutions.

California Landlord to Enforce No-Smoking Policy in 2,000 Apartments

A landlord in California has announced that residents of almost 2,000 rented apartments will no longer be allowed to smoke in their homes. Until now, few property owners have employed the state’s new law, allowing landlords to ban smoking in rented apartments.

Arizona Begins Process of Regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Arizona, which has one of the country’s strictest rules regarding medical marijuana sales, is beginning the complicated process of regulating medical marijuana dispensaries, according to The New York Times.

NY Governor Wants Compromise on Bill to Decriminalize Open Marijuana Possession

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to compromise with state senators who oppose his plan to decriminalize open possession of small amounts of marijuana, The Wall Street Journal reports.

NY Governor to Call for Decriminalizing Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will ask the state legislature on Monday to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in public view, according to The New York Times.

Some Children in Michigan Use Medical Marijuana

In Michigan, 44 residents younger than 18 have a medical marijuana card, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Colleges Confront Issue of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana laws are posing a challenge to colleges, NPR reports. Since marijuana is illegal under federal law, colleges that allow students to use medical marijuana on campus are at risk of losing federal funding.

Disabilities Act Cannot Be Used to Protect Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Court Rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act cannot be used to protect medical marijuana dispensaries from being shut down.

Addiction Doctors Ask for Treatment, Not More Jail, for Son of Michael Douglas

A group of well-known addiction doctors is urging that the son of Michael Douglas receive treatment, instead of additional jail time, for his latest drug offense.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Schools in Colorado Shut Down

After receiving warning letters from the federal government, 25 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado that were located near schools have shut down. The letters from Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh said they must close, or potentially face criminal prosecution.

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