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Companies Hope to Profit From Marijuana Laws

As marijuana becomes legal in a growing number of states, for medical or recreational use, businesses are hoping to profit from the trend, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Florida House Committee Passes Bill to Ban 27 Substances Used in Designer Drugs

The Florida House Judiciary Committee this week passed a bill that would add 27 substances to the list of controlled substances that are banned in the state. The bill aims to make it more difficult for makers of synthetic drugs to manufacture their products.

Washington State Hires Marijuana Consultant to Help Implement New Market

Officials in Washington state have chosen a think tank to help them set up and regulate its new marijuana market, Reuters reports.

Florida Court Reaffirms Allowing Sick Smokers, Survivors to Sue Tobacco Companies

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday reaffirmed its decision allowing sick smokers or their survivors to sue tobacco companies for cigarette-related illness or death.

Colorado Task Force Makes Recommendations on Marijuana Regulations

A task force in Colorado has issued recommendations on how to regulate marijuana, now that recreational use of the drug has been legalized.

Nevada Bill Would Let Doctors, Drug Makers be Sued for Prescription Drug Addiction

A bill introduced by a Nevada state senator would allow patients addicted to prescription drugs to sue the physicians who prescribed the drugs, as well as the products’ manufacturers. The measure is strongly opposed, according to the Associated Press.

Federal Judges Work With Prosecutors to Create Drug Courts

Following decades of success for drug courts at the state level, federal judges around the nation are collaborating with prosecutors to create the special treatment programs for defendants who are addicted to drugs, The New York Times reports.

Some Tobacco Companies Put Clay Used in Cat Litter into Cigars to Pay Less Taxes

Some tobacco companies are putting the type of clay used in cat litter into cigars to increase their weight, thereby allowing them to pay less tax, Bloomberg reports.

Woman Says FedEx Handed Her Address Out to Drug Dealers

A Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx, claiming the company accidentally shipped a seven-pound box of marijuana to her, then gave her address to drug dealers looking for the package.

California Legislator Proposes Heroin, Cocaine Possession Cases be Misdemeanors

A California state senator has proposed legislation that would allow misdemeanor charges to be filed in cases of simple possession of heroin and cocaine, instead of felony charges.

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