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Federal Government Outlaws Three More Synthetic Marijuana Substances

In an effort to further crack down on synthetic drugs, the federal government announced this week it is outlawing three more synthetic marijuana substances.

NJ Court: Police Can Arrest Man Who Answered Door While Smoking Marijuana

A person who answers the door while smoking marijuana can be arrested without a warrant, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled this week.

Celebrities and Civil Rights Leaders Ask Obama to Change Drug Laws

More than 100 entertainers, civil rights leaders and other notable citizens have signed a letter to President Obama, asking him to change the nation’s drug laws. The group is urging him to replace jail sentences with intervention and rehabilitation for non-violent drug offenders, the Associated Press reports.

Investors Have Their Eyes on Marijuana Market

Investors are paying more attention to the burgeoning marijuana market, in light of the drug’s legalization in Washington state and Colorado, USA Today reports.

CVS to Pay $11 Million to Settle Claims for Violating Drug Laws

CVS Pharmacy has agreed to pay $11 million, in order to settle civil charges for violating the Controlled Substances Act at pharmacies in Oklahoma, according to USA Today.

UPS Agrees to Settle Case Related to Illegal Internet Pharmacy Shipments

United Parcel Service has agreed to settle an investigation into online pharmacy shipments, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company will forfeit $40 million in payments it received from illicit online pharmacies, and will not be prosecuted.

FedEx, UPS Say They Are Targets of DEA Probe Into Online Pharmacy Shipments

FedEx and UPS say they are targets of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation into online pharmacy shipments, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Audit Questions Regulatory Oversight of Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Industry

A Colorado state audit released this week finds problems in oversight of the state’s medical marijuana industry, according to The Wall Street Journal. The audit comes soon after a task force issued recommendations on regulating recreational marijuana.

Supreme Court Rules Drug-Sniffing Dog Searches are Unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police must first obtain a search warrant before bringing drug-sniffing police dogs onto a suspect’s property to look for evidence, the Associated Press reports.

Companies Hope to Profit From Marijuana Laws

As marijuana becomes legal in a growing number of states, for medical or recreational use, businesses are hoping to profit from the trend, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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