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Massachusetts to Bring Drug-Sniffing Dogs to State Prisons

Massachusetts will soon bring drug-sniffing dogs to 17 state prisons, according to Boston Magazine. The dogs will sniff visiting areas and visitors.

“Recovery Courts” to Combat Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in Tennessee

Nine “recovery courts” will be created in Tennessee to combat substance abuse and mental health issues, state officials announced this week. They will combine services currently found in drug courts, mental health courts and veterans courts.

California Court: Local Governments Can Outlaw Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The California Supreme Court on Monday ruled local governments can outlaw medical marijuana dispensaries, according to Reuters.

Law Enforcement Has Few Tools to Crack Down on Nitrous Oxide Abuse

Law enforcement officials who are trying to crack down on the growing problem of nitrous oxide abuse have limited options to punish people who sell the gas to those who use it to get high, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

Monster Sues to Stop San Francisco From Restricting Serving Sizes and Marketing

Monster Beverage Corp. has filed a lawsuit to stop the San Francisco City Attorney’s office from trying to force the company to limit serving sizes of its energy drinks, as well as its marketing.

Marijuana Businesses Deal in Cash, Creating Banking Woes

Financial institutions are avoiding dealing with marijuana businesses, even in states where the drug is legal. As a result, owners of these businesses are forced to institute cash-only policies, CNN reports.

Colorado Court Rules Employees Can be Fired for Marijuana Use

An appellate court in Colorado ruled Thursday employees can be fired for testing positive for marijuana. Recreational use of the drug is now legal in the state.

Parents of Young Adults Addicted to Heroin Seek Greater Access to Health Records

The parents of two young adults who were addicted to heroin are advocating for families to have greater access to their children’s health records. They say parents’ input is needed because of the nature of addiction, and young adults’ limited decision-making capabilities.

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Law Requiring Cigarette Graphic Warning Labels

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a challenge by the tobacco industry to a federal law requiring that cigarette packages carry graphic warning labels, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Supreme Court: Police Usually Need Warrant for Blood Alcohol Tests

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that police generally need a search warrant before they order a blood alcohol test for someone suspected of drunk driving.

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