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Some Drug Tests Required by New Kentucky Law Aren’t Covered by Insurance

Patients in Kentucky with long-term medical conditions that require controlled substances must submit to urine drug tests under a new state law designed to combat prescription drug abuse. Those tests are not always covered by insurance companies, the Associated Press reports.

Medicare Regularly Refills Pain Pills Without New Prescriptions: Government Report

A new government report finds that Medicare routinely refills pain medications without new prescriptions that are required by federal law.

Almost Six Million Americans Will Face Tax Penalty for Not Getting Insurance: Report

Almost six million Americans will face a tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act for not obtaining health insurance, according to an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

More Children on Medicaid Taking Antipsychotic Drugs for Off-Label Uses

A growing number of children enrolled in Medicaid are taking antipsychotic drugs for off-label uses, a new study finds. These drugs are prescribed for a purpose that has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

How Affordable Care Act Helps People with Mental Illness and Private Insurance

The Affordable Care Act provides protections that benefit people with mental illness who have private insurance, according to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Healthcare Reform Won’t Cut Medicare, Medicaid Benefits For Those With Mental Illness

The Affordable Care Act will not reduce Medicaid or Medicare benefits for people with mental illness, according to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Affordable Care Act Changes May Affect Insurance Costs for Those With Mental Illness

The Affordable Care Act makes changes to the health insurance system and health insurance benefits that may affect the cost of insurance and healthcare for people with mental illnesses, according to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

One-Third of Doctors Do Not Accept New Medicaid Patients

A new government study finds one-third of doctors do not accept new Medicaid patients. Most of the doctors cited low reimbursement as the reason, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Healthcare Law Changes For Those With Private Insurance and a Substance Use Disorder

The Affordable Care Act is leading to changes, both now and in 2014, for people with private health insurance who have a substance use disorder.

Lessons From Maine’s Fight Against Limits on Addiction Treatment

Maine’s decision to retroactively limit Medicaid payments for buprenorphine to treat opiate addiction is likely to have disastrous consequences, warns the President of the Northern New England Society of Addiction Medicine.

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