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Number of Patients Receiving Mental Health Care to Soar Under New Law

The number of patients receiving mental health care is expected to soar under provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will take effect next week, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Some Smokers Will Have to Pay More for Insurance Through State Health Exchanges

Smokers in some states will pay more than non-smokers for insurance premiums if they obtain their coverage through new state health exchanges being established as part of the Affordable Care Act. In some cases, smokers’ premiums will be as much as 50 percent higher.

Federal Officials Investigate Antipsychotic Drug Use in Children on Medicaid

Federal officials are investigating the use of antipsychotic drugs in children enrolled in Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal reports the probe was sparked by concerns the drugs are being prescribed too often to treat behavior problems in very young children.

Budget Cuts Hit Quit-Smoking Line in Washington State

Services offered by a quit-smoking hotline will be drastically reduced for uninsured smokers in Washington state starting on August 1.

Smokers Insured Through Individual Plans Charged More, Without Cessation Help

Under the Affordable Care Act, smokers can be charged a higher premium than nonsmokers. Smokers who obtain their insurance through an individual plan will not benefit from a provision in the law that allows smokers in small group plans to avoid the higher premiums if they participate in a smoking cessation program, NPR reports.

Many Medicaid Programs Hinder Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment: Report

Many Medicaid programs make it difficult for people addicted to opioids to receive medications to treat their addiction, according to a new report. The American Society of Addiction Medicine says private insurance companies also are restricting access to these treatments.

Medicare Paid for Drugs Ordered by Professionals Not Authorized to Write Prescriptions

Medicare paid for prescriptions for drugs, including controlled substances such as oxycodone, written by professionals including massage therapists, home health aides and veterinarians, who were not authorized to do so, ABC News reports.

Parents of Young Adults Addicted to Heroin Seek Greater Access to Health Records

The parents of two young adults who were addicted to heroin are advocating for families to have greater access to their children’s health records. They say parents’ input is needed because of the nature of addiction, and young adults’ limited decision-making capabilities.

Commentary: ASAM Survey to Identify Where Patient Access to Addiction Treatment is at Risk

As a growing number of states have either passed new legislation or are considering legislation limiting payment for opioid treatment, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has launched a task force focused on FDA-approved medications for opioid dependence, says their Acting President Dr. Stuart Gitlow.

Companies Use Data Analysis to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

A growing number of companies are using data analysis to fight prescription drug abuse, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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