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Iowa Poised to Adopt Mental Health Parity

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack is about to sign a bill mandating parity insurance coverage for mental illness, but the measure does not include addiction treatment.

S.C. Mental Health Parity Bill Excludes Addiction

A compromise version of a South Carolina mental-health parity bill excludes coverage for addiction treatment.

Bill Could Allow More Employers to Dodge State Parity Laws

A measure under consideration in Congress could allow small employers to exempt themselves from state insurance laws, including those mandating parity coverage for addiction and mental health.

Parity Bill Passes in Oregon Senate

A bill that calls for parity insurance coverage for addiction and mental health has passed the Oregon Senate on a 23-6 vote.

NJ Parity Battle Bolstered by Cost Study

An unwanted state study wound up helping advocates of addiction and mental health parity make their case in New Jersey.

Nevada Considers Repealing UPPL

Reno Demand Treatment! participates in a legislative effort to introduce legislation that would repeal a law allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for drug or alcohol-related injuries.

Insurers Refusing to Pay for Meth Treatment

A provider in central Wisconsin is reporting that insurers are refusing to pay treatment costs for methamphetamine.

N.Y. Court Strikes Down Parity for Drug Treatment

The New York Court of Appeals ruled that disability-insurance policies are not discriminatory even though they fail to provide the same coverage for people with addiction or mental-health problems as offered to those with physical injuries.

Health Insurers Block Mental Health Parity Bill

Health-insurance companies have been successful in blocking a bill that would mandate equal coverage for mental and physical illnesses.

N.Y. Mental Health Parity Bill Excludes Addiction

The New York Assembly passed a bill that requires insurance companies to pay for mental health and addiction treatment in the same manner as physical conditions, but the state Senate introduced its own bill that excludes addiction coverage.

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