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Illinois Bill Would Give Immunity to Those Who Call for Help for Overdose Victims


A bill being considered in the Illinois Assembly would give legal immunity to people who call for medical assistance for drug users who overdose.

Critics of the bill say it would benefit people who abuse and deal drugs, but supporters say it will save lives, The Chicago Tribune reports. The bill has been passed by the state Senate, after being amended. The original bill did not limit the amount of drugs a person could possess and still be granted immunity for calling in a drug overdose. However the amended bill limits the amount of drugs that person can possess and still gain immunity. The bill would not allow immunity for people under investigation for drug trafficking.

According to the article, proponents of the bill say it will not only save lives, but also could help police collect information about drug use and get help for more people who need drug rehabilitation.

Law enforcement officials want the bill to be tougher on people who use drugs, the newspaper says. The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police wants the bill to offer legal immunity only to the person who overdoses. They would like the fate of the person who calls in the emergency to be left to a judge’s discretion during sentencing.

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  1. Avatar of grab
    grab / June 3, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    I is about time a good friend of mine on the clinic for 10 year was convinced by his friend to use heroin (after 10 year clean) and take a hand full of xanax before handhe already has his methadone dose from the morning then took a hand full of xanax (stupid) and when he could not hit a vien with 5 bag in the work his friend did if for him (nice friend) he ODed instantly they tried to rivive him but xanax an H are a deadly combo so they dumped him behinded a dumpster he was found the next day….the murder is still unsolved…WORCESTER MA

    Those are the kind of fiend you give the death penalty to even if their isn’t one…

  2. cheryl / May 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Finally, at least one state is thinking. I have been saying this for the longest time that we should have laws such as this to save the lives of people overdosing. We truly need to stop being “tougher on people who use drugs,” enough is enough!

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