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FDA Announces Shutdown of 1,677 Illegal Websites Selling Medicines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday it has shut down 1,677 illegal online pharmacies, CNN reports. The websites sold counterfeit or substandard medications, or sold drugs without appropriate safeguards.

DEA Announces Large-Scale Arrests of Synthetic Drug Traffickers

The Drug Enforcement Administration and authorities in three other countries announced the arrests of dozens of people on Wednesday involved in trafficking designer drugs such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

Legalizing Drugs Won’t Make Organized Crime Disappear: Kerlikowske

U.S. National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske told an international meeting this week that legalizing drugs will not be a “silver bullet” that will make organized crime disappear.

FDA Authorizes Sale of Two New Cigarette Products; Rejects Four Others

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday announced it had authorized the sale of two new cigarette products and rejected four others. It is the first time the agency has exercised its power to regulate cigarettes and other tobacco products since it was given that authority in 2009.

Mayors to Federal Government: Let States Decide Own Marijuana Policies

The United States Conference of Mayors on Monday urged the federal government to allow states to decide their own marijuana policies.

Many Medicaid Programs Hinder Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment: Report

Many Medicaid programs make it difficult for people addicted to opioids to receive medications to treat their addiction, according to a new report. The American Society of Addiction Medicine says private insurance companies also are restricting access to these treatments.

Medicare Paid for Drugs Ordered by Professionals Not Authorized to Write Prescriptions

Medicare paid for prescriptions for drugs, including controlled substances such as oxycodone, written by professionals including massage therapists, home health aides and veterinarians, who were not authorized to do so, ABC News reports.

States With More Limits on Youth Tobacco Access Have Lower Adult Smoking Rates

A new study finds states that have more restrictive rules on youth access to tobacco also have lower rates of adult smoking.

Outlawing Psychoactive Drugs is “Scientific Censorship,” Researchers Say

Outlawing psychoactive drugs such as marijuana and “magic mushrooms” impedes research and amounts to scientific censorship, according to three researchers.

Florida ACLU Criticizes Government for Releasing Patient Prescription Drug Records

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida this week criticized state and local officials for releasing thousands of prescription drug records. The group asked to see documents related to the data release.

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