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Justice Department Wants to Allow Banks to Deal With Marijuana Industry

The federal government is looking for a way for financial institutions to conduct transactions with legitimate marijuana businesses, according to the Associated Press.

Drug Abuse Prevention Groups Urge Government to Reconsider Stance on Marijuana

Drug abuse prevention groups this week urged the Department of Justice to reconsider its announcement that it will allow Colorado and Washington to carry out their new recreational marijuana laws.

Counternarcotics Agents Have Access to Huge AT&T Phone Database

Law enforcement officials working in a government counternarcotics program have access to a huge AT&T database containing records of decades of phone calls, according to The New York Times.

Justice Department Will Not Block Marijuana Laws in Colorado and Washington

The U.S. Justice Department announced it will allow Colorado and Washington to carry out their new recreational marijuana laws, according to Reuters. The department will focus enforcement on criminal charges in specific areas, such as distribution to minors.

Higher Cigarette Taxes Linked With Reduced Drinking in Men

Higher cigarette taxes are associated with reduced drinking in men and young adult smokers, a new study suggests.

Washington State Considers Postponing New Rules on Marijuana Sales

After hearing comments from hundreds of people about proposed new rules for marijuana sales, officials in Washington state said they want to delay implementing the regulations for a few months.

Coordinated International Drug Policy Becoming Harder to Achieve: Experts

Authorities charged with reigning in the international drug trade are having a difficult time, as it spreads to new markets and quickly evolves, an expert tells CNBC.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Some Non-Violent Drug Offenders Could be Eased

Attorney General Eric Holder will announce today a Justice Department plan to change how some non-violent drug offenders are prosecuted, according to The Washington Post. Low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who are not tied to large-scale drug organizations or gangs will not face mandatory minimum sentences.

Federal Officials Investigate Antipsychotic Drug Use in Children on Medicaid

Federal officials are investigating the use of antipsychotic drugs in children enrolled in Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal reports the probe was sparked by concerns the drugs are being prescribed too often to treat behavior problems in very young children.

More Than One-Third of Pedestrians Killed in 2011 Were Drunk: Government Report

A new government report shows 37 percent of U.S. pedestrians killed in 2011 were drunk, USA Today reports. Thirty-five percent of those killed had blood alcohol levels that were at or above the legal limit for driving.

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