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NASADAD’s Robert Morrison: State Substance Abuse Agencies and Adolescent Services

Robert Morrison, Executive Director of the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors, discusses key issues impacting substance abuse prevention, treatment, recovery and policy.

Community Transformation Grants Available for Tobacco-Free Living

More than $100 million in funding is available for up to 75 Community Transformation Grants that aim to reduce chronic diseases through strategies including tobacco-free living.

Fewer School Drug and Alcohol Counselors in Minnesota As Funding Dries Up

The ranks of school drug and alcohol counselors are thinning as grant funding to pay for these positions declines, The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. Some school administrators view drug and alcohol programs as luxuries that they can no longer afford.

SAMHSA Program Aims to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse Among Seniors

To reduce prescription drug abuse among seniors, SAMHSA is expanding a grant program targeting adults 60 and older who are at risk for or experiencing behavioral health problems. The grant also aims to reduce suicides among this group.

Painkiller Overdoses Hit Ohio Hard

Fatal overdoses of prescription drugs are having a devastating effect in Ohio, The New York Times reports. In the last decade, fatal overdoses have more than quadrupled and are now more common than car crashes as a cause of accidental death in the state.

SAMHSA Announces New Approach for Block Grants in Light of Health Care Reform

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has announced a change to the Substance Abuse Prevent and Treatment and Mental Health Services Block Grants. The change comes in response to the new federal health care reform law.

Ohio Governor Announces $36 Million in Drug Treatment and Work Readiness Funds

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich has announced $36 million in new drug treatment and work readiness funds. The funds are designed to help people addicted to prescription drugs get treatment so they can go back to work.

Director Kerlikowske: Reducing Drug Use Requires Teamwork and Collaboration

Congratulations to The Partnership at on your collaboration with the Boston University School of Public Health to continue providing Join Together. Your work to spread knowledge and promote collaboration among the many fields and professions committed to reducing the toll of drug use and its consequences is vital.

Budget Cuts Affect Meth Lab Cleanups

Federal money is drying up for meth lab cleanups, making it more difficult for local law enforcement agencies to dispose of toxic leftovers from meth labs.

Beer Is Alcohol, Russia Finally Says

The Russian parliament has moved to legally classify beer as alcohol for the first time, the Telegraph reported Feb. 23. It is currently classified as food. Part of a new government campaign limiting advertising and night-time sales of other forms…

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