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CADCA Pushes for STOP Reauthorization

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is calling for reauthorization of The Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act — and wants your help to make it happen.

N.Y. Tax on Tribal Cigarettes Blocked by Federal Judge

U.S. District Court judge Richard Arcara extended a temporary order blocking the state of New York from collecting taxes on cigarette sales by Seneca and Cayuga nations to non-Indian customers.

Drug and Alcohol Use Lower among Hispanic Americans, Survey Finds

Hispanic-American adults use drugs and alcohol less frequently than the general population, according to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA's) National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Colo. Set to Regulate Medical Marijuana from ’Seed to Sale’

The head of Colorado’s medical-marijuana enforcement effort promises a comprehensive plan that other states could adopt as a model, the Washington Post reported July 25. “We plan to track the entire commodity from seed to sale,” said Matt Cook, senior…

Schumer Lauded for Stance on Alcoholic Energy Drinks

The Marin Institute is pleased as punch over Sen. Charles Schumer’s call for a Federal Trade Commission investigation into the marketing of alcoholic energy drinks.

San Francisco Regulates Marijuana Foods

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has issued the nation’s first regulations on the labeling and sale of marijuana-infused edibles, the East Bay Express reported July 7. Under the new regulations, marijuana cookies and brownies must be individually and…

Coalition Seeks Calif. NAACP Leader's Ouster for Supporting Legalization

The California State Conference of the NAACP's president, Alice Huffman, has aroused the ire of some African-American religious and community leaders for endorsing a statewide marijuana-legalization ballot item.

Radical and Dangerous: Possible Changes to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Alcohol

The alcohol section of the new Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report (PDF) could represent a radical departure from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines1 if its conclusions are reflected in the final Dietary Guideline for alcohol scheduled to come out later this year. The…

Calif. NAACP Backs Marijuana Legalization

The California chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has endorsed Proposition 19, a ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana use.

Kombucha Tea May Face Regulation as Alcoholic Beverage

The U.S. Treasury Department says that the kombucha variety of tea — which can ferment in the bottle — may be classified as an alcoholic beverage for regulatory purposes, the New York Times reported June 25. The agency said that…

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