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Study Suggests Minorities Smoke Less, But Find Quitting Harder

New research suggests that smoking is less prevelant in communites of color, and, among those who smoke, racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to be 'light' smokers — but may find it harder to quit.

Drug Court Tests Recovery App for Smartphones

Researchers are pilot-testing a smartphone application in an adult drug court program in Massachusetts to find out if it can help participants be more successful.

More Employers Saying Smokers Need Not Apply

An increasing number of hospitals and medical businesses are making tobacco use a reason to reject job applicants or fire existing employees, The New York Times reported Feb. 10. Under the new “tobacco-free” hiring policies, applicants can be turned away…

Illinois: People of Color More Likely to Face Prison for Drug Crimes

An Illinois commission issued a report concluding that people of color facing low-level drug charges receive harsher and more frequent penalties than whites facing the same charges.

CDC: Prescription Drug Overdoses and Binge Drinking Vary by Race, Income

In a first-of-its-kind report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) broke down data on health disparities by race, ethnicity, income, and education.

Possible FDA Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Haunts Brand Leader

Lorillard Inc., the third-largest tobacco maker in the U.S., depends on menthol cigarettes for about 90 percent of its sales and is fighting to stop the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from banning them.

Study: Acculturation Stress Linked to Substance Use in Latino Teens

Acculturation stress may be part of the reason some Mexican and Mexican-American teens living in the U.S. report high rates of marijuana and alcohol use.

TRI Launches Research Center for Parents

The Treatment Research Institute (TRI) is launching a new research center to translate evidence-based research into specific strategies and tools that will help parents better help their teen-aged children who are struggling with substance abuse problems.

Partnership at Releases New Prevention Ad Campaign for Hispanic Parents

The Partnership at has launched a multi-media prevention campaign in Latino communities, urging parents to talk with their children about alcohol and drugs.

Effective Screening: It’s How You Ask

The key to successful substance abuse screening may be changing the way healthcare providers approach patients about it.

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