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African-Americans More at Risk from Smoking

Research shows that lung-cancer rates may be higher among African-American smokers because they inhale more tobacco smoke than other smokers.

African-American Teens at Greater Risk of Tobacco Addiction

A newly released study shows that African-American teens who smoke are more at risk of developing smoking-related diseases than non-blacks.

Bush Reaches Out to African-American Ministers

President-Elect George W. Bush plans to hold a meeting with black ministers to reach out to the African-American community on such issues as drug treatment.

Alcohol Abuse among Native Americans Reassessed

A new survey has found that alcohol abuse may not be as serious among Native American men as previously believed.

N.J. Drug Searches Target Minorities

Documents being made public by the New Jersey attorney general show that state troopers stopped and searched a high number of minority drivers for drugs.

War on Drugs Impacts Minority Vote

The war on drugs may have an impact on this year's and future elections, since many minorities have lost their right to vote because of incarceration or past felony convictions.

Black Cancer Rates Drop, But Still Too High

A new report from the American Cancer Society found that despite a recent decline, African-Americans continue to have higher cancer death rates than whites.

Latinos Concerned About Guns, Crime

A poll by the San Jose Mercury News found that among the issues of top importance to Latino voters are crime, drugs and gun control.

Texas Drug Bust Labeled Racial Discrimination

Two civil-rights groups have complained to the U.S. Justice Department that a drug bust in Tulia, Texas, was a matter of “ethnic cleansing of young male blacks.”

Miller Agrees to Drop Portland Malt Liquor Ads

Protests by neighborhood activists have prompted Miller Brewing Co. to yank a new billboard campaign touting 40-ounce bottles of Olde English 800.

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