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'Americanization' Linked to Increase in Illicit-Drug Use Among Hispanics

Hispanic immigrants considered to be 'acculturated' to American social norms are almost 13 times more likely to use illicit drugs than Hispanics who remain un-acculturated, researchers say.

Meth Users Involved in Violence, Sexual Risk-Taking, Study Finds

More than half a million young adults reported use in the past year of crystal meth in 2001-2002, according to a new nationally representative study. That estimate is higher than previous studies and represents nearly 3 percent of the U.S. population. Among meth users there is a strong link to alcohol and other drug use, the study found.

Graphic Ads Credited with Cutting Smoking Among Men, Hispanics

A series of antismoking ads featuring Ronaldo Martinez, a throat-cancer survivor who speaks through a voice box, may have helped cut smoking rates among men and Hispanics in New York City.

In Black Community, Perceived Norms Among Barriers to Quitting Smoking

Many young black Americans think that smoking is normal behavior, very common and 'essentially nonproblematic.'

Experts: Tackle Bad Habits All at Once

People with multiple bad lifestyle habits are more likely to successfully change if they address them all at once rather than one at a time, according to researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine.

Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Accuses Big Tobacco of Targeting Blacks

A Florida woman has filed a $1-billion lawsuit against four major tobacco companies, saying the firms negligently and fraudulently targeted blacks with their products.

100,000 Chinese Die Annually from Secondhand Smoke

China's Ministry of Health estimates that secondhand smoke kills more than 100,000 Chinese citizens each year.

Mass Smoking Deaths Among Chinese Predicted

One in three middle-aged men now living in China will be dead of a tobacco-related disease by 2030, a new study predicts.

'Cheese' Cases Rise in Dallas

Use of the heroin-based drug mix 'cheese' appears to be on the rise among Dallas students, with arrests and requests for treatment from users both increasing.

Most Asians Unaware of Smoking Risks, Don't Plan to Quit

Seventy percent of Chinese smokers think that the health risks of smoking are 'negligible,' only 4 percent believe there is a link between smoking and heart disease, and three out of four Chinese smokers say they have no plans to quit.

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