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African-American Youth See Higher Levels of Alcohol Advertising, Study Finds

Africans-American youth are exposed to higher levels of alcohol advertising than children and teens of other racial groups, according to a new study.

Secondhand Smoke Has Major Impact on Health of Black Americans, Study Finds

Secondhand smoke has a major impact on the health of black Americans, a new study finds.

New York Judge Calls for Lab Testing of Beverages in Public Drinking Cases

A New York judge said this week that police should be required to prove beverages cited in public drinking cases are alcoholic, through laboratory testing.

Study Finds Genetic Marker in African Americans That Influences Smoking Habits

Researchers at Stanford University, who conducted the largest study to date of African-Americans’ genetics and smoking behavior, have found a genetic marker that influences smoking habits.

People Who Smoke Cigarettes and Cigars Fit Different Profile than Cigarette-Only Smokers

People who smoke both cigarettes and cigars are more likely to be young, African American, male, unemployed and have less education compared with cigarette-only smokers, according to a new study.

Family-Based Program Reduces Substance Use Among African-American Teens

A family-centered prevention program can help deter substance use, conduct problems and depressive symptoms among rural African-American teens, a new study finds.

Substance Use is Widespread Among Native American, White and Mixed-Race Youth

A new study finds widespread substance abuse among Native American, mixed-race and white teenagers.

African-American Women More Likely Than Men to Stick With Substance Abuse Counseling

A new study finds African-American women are more likely than men to stay with a type of substance abuse counseling called Motivational Enhancement Therapy. However, the women’s substance abuse issues continued, UPI reports.

Naltrexone May Benefit Asians with Alcoholism

Naltrexone, approved by the Food and Drug Administration as treatment for alcohol dependence, may be especially effective in people of Asian descent, a new study suggests.

Face of Drug Addiction in Chicago Becoming More White, Suburban and Wealthier

Experts in the Chicago area say they are seeing more people facing drug addiction who are white, suburban and upper-middle class.

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