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Drinking Declines with Age, Study Finds

Alcohol consumption generally declines as people age, partly because alcohol affects the bodies of older people in different ways, say researchers from UCLA.

Elderly Addicts Face Unique Challenges

Older addicts have many of the same problems as young people with alcohol and other drug addictions, plus other issues unique to their age group.

Medicare Screens for Alcohol Use, with Eye on Prevention

Citing costs of $230 million annually due to alcohol misuse, the federal Medicare program is set to begin screening beneficiaries for alcohol problems during new physicals being offered via the senior healthcare program.

Survey: Most Older Americans Support Medical Marijuana

An American Association of Retired Persons poll finds that 72 percent of older Americans surveyed supported legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Study Finds Link Between Drinking, Dementia

New research suggests that certain middle-aged people who consume alcohol might put themselves at a greater risk for late-life dementia.

Heroin Use among Older Adults is an Emerging Problem

By 2020, the percentage of people age 50 and older needing treatment for illicit drug use will be five times higher than it is today.

San Francisco Residential Program Helps Aging Ex-offenders Rebuild Lives

The program, which has been running for four months, is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States.

Williamsburg Screening and Treatment Program Tailors Services to Older Adults

Less than twenty percent of all treatment programs offer services for the older adult population. In Williamsburg, Va., a new program aims to increase awareness of the growing problem of substance use disorders in seniors.

U.S. Lacks Alcoholism Treatment for Elderly

A University of Iowa (UI) study shows that the United States is lacking in services for elderly residents addicted to alcohol.

Addiction Among Seniors Called 'Hidden Epidemic'

Alcohol and other drug addiction among seniors is such a significant and growing problem that one treatment expert called it “America's hidden epidemic.”

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