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Elderly Caught Selling Prescription Drugs

More than 40 people age 60 and over have been caught illegally selling prescription painkillers in Kentucky since April 2004, according to a local anti-drug task force.

Study Finds Alcohol Education Effective with Elderly

Senior citizens tended to reduce their drinking when provided educational information about the hazards of alcohol consumption.

Elders with Alcohol Dependence Receive Less Aftercare

This study found that older patients with alcohol dependence are almost half as likely as middle-aged patients to receive formal or informal aftercare.

Moderate Alcohol Use Seems to Help Aging Brain

Drinking minimal to moderate amounts of alcohol may help keep mental functions sharper as you age, recent research suggests.

Alcohol as Analgesic: Older Drinkers Numb the Pain

This study suggests that clinicians need to adopt practices that address the fact that older adults, especially those with drinking problems, often use alcohol to manage pain.

Study to Focus on Bingeing Among Seniors

Binge drinking among senior citizens is the focus of a new research project by the University of Maine Center on Aging.

Older Adults Often Exceed Alcohol Consumption Limits

A study explores the prevalence of risky drinking in the older adult population.

Elderly Embrace Medical Marijuana

Older Americans are becoming more visible in the battle over the legality of medical marijuana.

Older Americans Struggle with Opiates

More older Americans are winding up in addiction treatment, primarily because of abuse of opiate-based prescription drugs, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Admissions for Drug Treatment Up for Older Adults

A new study released by SAMHSA finds that admissions for substance abuse treatment increased by 32 percent among older adults over the eight-year period from 1995-2002.

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