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Heroin Use Spreads Throughout Kentucky

Heroin use, which already has been a problem in northern and central Kentucky, has been spreading to the southern and eastern parts of the state, The Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

Hawaii Case Mixes Religion and Marijuana

A case to be argued in Hawaii federal court mixes religion and marijuana, according to The New York Times. The founder of the Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry was among several people to be indicted on charges that include conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.

16 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in California Investigated for Fraud

The California Department of Health Care Services announced an investigation of 16 substance abuse treatment centers for patients on Medi-Cal, the state’s insurance plan for people on welfare and other low-income residents. The centers are suspected of fraud and hiring providers who have felonies on their records.

Drug Used to Treat Epilepsy and Weight Loss Could Help Reduce Cocaine Addiction

A drug prescribed for both epilepsy and weight loss may help reduce cocaine use in people addicted to cocaine and alcohol, a new study suggests.

History of Severe Childhood Abuse May Increase Drug Users’ Risk of Suicide Attempts

Drug users who have been victims of severe childhood abuse are at increased risk for suicide attempts, a new study concludes. Less severe abuse, or physical or emotional neglect, does not appear to increase the risk.

Heroin Making a Comeback in Smaller Cities and Towns in New England

Smaller cities and towns throughout New England are seeing an alarming rise in heroin use and deaths, The New York Times reports.

Parents Who Support Easing Marijuana Laws Want it Illegal for Those Under 21

A new survey finds many parents favor either legalizing marijuana for recreational use, or decriminalizing the drug, while 70 percent support legalizing medical marijuana. Most parents say the legal age for marijuana use should be 21, USA Today reports.

Teen-Targeted Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign Focuses on Digital, Social Media

The “Above the Influence” drug and alcohol prevention campaign, formerly funded through federal money, will shift from expensive television ads to lower-cost digital and social media campaigns, The New York Times reports. The campaign will concentrate on reaching teens where they spend time, such as Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Federal Government Embraces Drug Courts, But Critics Remain

The Obama Administration has embraced the concept of drug courts, which provide nonviolent drug offenders with treatment instead of incarceration. But critics of the system say the courts could end up costing more money and lead to longer sentences for some offenders, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Aggression Caused by Family Violence May Lead to Substance Abuse, Study Suggests

Boys who are exposed to family violence become more aggressive toward their classmates, and this behavior is linked with greater levels of substance abuse over time, according to a new study.

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